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Steps to follow when lighting a spell candle


Before lighting your candle, it is very important you physically cleanse them. Before reaching you, they go through many hands, and you don't know what kind of energy they might be holding on to.

To cleanse your candles, wet a piece of cotton or cloth with equal parts rubbing alcohol or water (tap water is fine, but you can also use moon water). Rub the cloth or cotton from the base to the candle to just before the wick, to symbolize the negative energy leaving the candle.


Once you are done cleansing your candle, it is time to intention it. You do this with oil. Ideally, you would choose a type of oil that matches your intention. If you don't know which oil to use, olive oil can be used for any intent. Get a little bit of the oil in a piece of cotton or clothes. It's important to use just a little bit of oil so as not to make it more flammable than it needs to be. The direction in which you rub the cotton will depend on whether your intention is to attract something or to dispel or banish something. If you need to attract something, rub the cotton from right after the wick to the base. It will be the opposite if you need to dispel something. 

Once you have set your intention on the candle, it's time to carve some information on it. If you don't have a special tool for carving, you can always use the back of a match. Always carve the full name of the person that will benefit from the spell, as well as their date of birth. You can also draw meaningful symbols, runes, and sigils to make your spell more powerful.

Herbs & Crystals

Some people also like to roll their candles on the herbs they will be using in this step of the process, but we prefer not to do so because of fire safety. If you choose to do this, remember you only need to use a small amount of herbs. It is safer to place your herbs on the candle holder. The candle holder is also a great place to place your crystals, if you're using any. 

Beginning Spell work

Now, light the candle. To make the candle “wake up,” make some sort of sound right after you light it. You can snap your fingers, clap, or use a tool like a bell. 

Your spell will be done once the candle burns out. You can extinguish the candle if you need to and then light it later. The one thing you shouldn't do is reuse the same candle for a different intention. Don't blow on your candle if possible. It's preferable to use a tool to snuff it out. 

What are green candles for?

Money Magick

You can use green candles when doing Money Magick. Green is a color with close ties to abundance, prosperity and luck. If your intentions are pure, the Universe will make sure that you do not lack anything and have plenty of resources to be happy and achieve your goals. Light a green candle with this purpose.


Green is also the color of health and fertility. Carve the name of a sick friend or relative in your green candle to send healing energies their way. You can also light green candles with your own name carved on them to get in touch with your body and learn what it needs and how to best take care of it. 


Green candles also have to do with growth. If you have a vegetable garden or if you are just starting out a business, light a green candle so it will be prosperous and grow on literal or metaphorical fertile ground. 

Green Candle Correspondences

Green candles correspond to Archangel Raphael, who has strong healing powers and looks after the sick as well as healthcare professionals. You can invoke him whenever you want special attention to be paid to a sick person or a healthcare professional performing a complex procedure. Thursday is the best day to light a green candle to worship Archangel Raphael.

Green candles are also the best when worshipping Goddess Isis. You can light green candles in her name to protect vulnerable women and children. 

What spells can I cast with green candles?


Whenever you need some healing energy, you can light a green candle and direct it to any person, animal, plant or situation. A green crystal such as Aventurine or Emerald will make this purpose stronger. 

If you or someone you love is ill, light a green candle periodically in gratitude of every progress made in that direction, and to request healing energies to be directed their way. You can also perform this spell if you or a loved one is a healthcare worker.

Good Luck

You can also light green candles before job interviews and exams for good luck and success. 

Light a green candle with a crystal such as Pyrite during the New Moon to attract wealth and prosperity. It is also a good idea to light a green candle before any business decisions or other negotiations. 


If you are trying for a baby, green candles are great to light periodically, especially if accompanied by a crystal like Carnelian. You can also use fertility spells to help plants survive near-death experiences, bear more fruit, and overall increase their growth rate. You can find similar results for young pets like puppies and kittens to help ensure good health and strong growth.

Green Color Magic at a Glance

In conclusion, green candles can help you manifest healing, abundance, and prosperity. You can light them periodically to look after the most vulnerable and those who look after them. They have close ties with fertility and growth. Remember to practice fire safety and that, in the end, it's all about intent.

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