Algiz Rune - 5 Meanings and Uses


What is the Algiz Rune?

Anglo-Saxon cultures used runes as a writing method, like an alphabet. These runes are commonly known as Futhark. This name comes from the first six letters of the runic alphabet. Runes in magic are mostly used as a divination tool. However, there are many other ways you can use them. You could even include them in your daily practice. The most common way to invoke a rune's energy is to draw it with red ink and trace a circle anticlockwise. Runes are usually painted with red ink as it represents blood. Nonetheless, if you don’t have a pen or pencil to draw the rune, there are some other options. For instance, you could try chanting a rune’s name to invoke its power, or use it on an improvised incantation.

futhark runes with algiz rune

All this is useful when you need to improvise and cast a rune spell, but it is not recommended as a long term solution. In this sense, if you’re trying to fix a more complicated issue you should try a rune ritual. You could carve the runes on a piece of wood, or even combine many of them in a talisman.

In this article we’ll be discussing the Algiz rune and some ideas on how to use it. This rune is also called Eolh or Elhaz. You can use any of these names when making an incantation, as this gives you more chances to rhyme the name of the rune with other words. Algiz illustrates many symbols, some of them are a swan’s claw, a river that trifurcates, or someone praising.  And what does all this mean?

Well, in Norse culture, the symbol of the swan is associated with Valkyries. In history, they were female warriors who fought among Vikings. In mythology, on the other hand, Valkyries would take to Valhalla the souls from those who fought in Odin’s name. So, Algiz is the rune to rely on when facing hazardous battles.

As regards the river image, it has to do with the moment when decisions need to be made and actions need to be taken. This symbolizes a crucial moment when you need to decide between two or more things you’ve been pondering on. On the other hand, the praising person symbol is related to the ones who request blessings or help. This last picture is also interpreted as someone asking for a break.

algiz rune for protection

Algiz Rune for Protection

The primary use and meaning for the Algiz rune is protection, as it’s related to Valkyries. Use it when you feel attacked by a nearby person, or when you feel threatened but you are not sure by whom. If you feel in danger, you could ask Algiz to provide you with help and guidance through troublesome times. In Futhark, you may find some other runes used for protection in other kinds of situations. You could use them along with Algiz to strengthen your defense.

We’d recommend you to use Algiz for protection in a talisman.  When invoking protection, it is better to have in sight what would make you feel comfortable. We recommend something like a necklace. Anything you can carry with you everywhere you go is a good choice. Remember symbolism is really important in magic. In this sense, having Algiz hovering over your chest would portray it as a protecting shield.

algiz runes for boundaries

Algiz Rune for Setting Boundaries

Do you find it hard to set boundaries? People might have taken advantage of your good will for a long time. They might ask you more favors than you can handle. Perhaps they require you to do things you're not comfortable with. When you’re trapped in these situations, you can invoke Algiz to help you set boundaries.

There are many ways to use Algiz for setting boundaries. If you’re in need of encouragement right away you can whisper the rune’s name. This will inspire some conviction to take action at that exact time. Nonetheless, if your intention is for someone else to step back, you should carry the rune in your hand. You could fidget with it, as it can be a great stress-relief object. Now, if you are in need of setting boundaries daily, you could try Stadhagaldr (i.e. runic yoga) in your meditation routine.

algiz for returning items

Claiming back what belongs to you

Back to the symbol of the claws. It signals strength and determination. Don't be afraid to claim back what is yours. We all have lent someone things that never came back (Tip: Never ever lend a book). Either you’ve forgotten who you lend it to, or the other person seems reluctant to give that back. It is always frustrating to deal with those situations. Yet, for this scenario you can resort to Algiz's intervention.

The best method to use Algiz for claiming back what’s yours is in a designed spell. Here, we provide you with an idea on which you can base the ritual. You could carve it along with Jera into an orange candle and ask to get back what you are missing. In this case, Jera is used to call for justice. And, as Jera symbolizes cycles, this rune is also used to reclaim objects and put back things in the place where they belong.

algiz for peace

Asking for mediation and peacemaking

If you ever find yourself involved in a discussion, then Algiz is a great choice to have in hand for mediation. This rune can be also interpreted as the link between two sides, the common ground among them. To have a better perspective, it is useful to know that this rune is usually associated with The Lovers in tarot.

Being in the middle of an argument is always hard, and even more when you need to maintain a neutral position. In those times it is better to call for Algiz’s power. Not only will it protect you from the thorny energy that might be in the room, but it will also play the role in the best possible way.

When working as a mediator, it is a good option to have an Algiz amulet. You could wear it as a ring and ask it to solve the issue in the best possible way. You could also use it as an earring, to keep your head balanced and neutral, warding your thoughts and mental health. It’s also a good idea to draw Algiz on any page headers of your notebook. Now, if you won’t be using any jewelry or paper, you could draw Algiz on your face with a face cream as you're getting ready for makeup. That way you can cover the rune with foundation.

algiz for divine intervention

Asking for divine intervention

As we've said before, Algiz could depict a praising person. So, it’s a good rune to use for help when calling for any deity. You could place an Algiz figurine on your altar, or carve it on your channeling tools. In fact, you can also use Algiz to enhance any kind of ritual in which you need help from the deity or deities you work with. There are many clerics who would paint Algiz on their forehead in some rituals to channel a deity. However, you may find that some runes are attached to a specific Norse deity. You could use the rune associated with the deity to call for them. You can even use runes to call upon deities that aren't related to the Norse pantheon. 

To summarize, Algiz is one of the most useful runes to work with. And if you’re interested in getting close to runes, Algiz is the safest one to start practicing with. Remember to always be respectful, especially when working with runes. You must use them with wit, as they're such an ancient and strong energy. Even so, you can use this rune if you don’t feel ready to take the first step on practicing with them. We could say Algiz is also a good rune to encourage you on your rune journey.

Have you ever worked with runes? Tell us about your experience in the comments! 

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