A Beginner’s Guide to Automatic Writing

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Have you ever heard about automatic writing? Also known as “trance writing”, this divination technique consists of writing whatever comes to your mind without consciously thinking about it.

Automatic writing is a great way to connect with your Higher Self if you are seeking answers.

Many people, not just witches, have used automatism as a means to let their creativity loose. Great works of art have been created as a result of this technique.

How does automatic writing work?

It is believed that one can connect with wisdom from a higher source by doing away with the conscious mind. When you’re able to let go of it, you become a sort of “vessel” through which messages can flow and enlighten yourself.

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Some people believe that automatic writing enables our subconscious mind to send us information while others believe that automatic writing can get rid of inner judgements and allow us access to our high and deep intuition. Similarly, many witches believe that automatic writing allows us to connect to and receive messages from the spirit world. 

Below are a few common steps if you’d like to try out automatic writing yourself. 

Create a calm environment

In order to get started, it’s important to be in a calm and relaxed place where you know you won’t be disturbed. Your goal should be to create a space of solitude. It’s recommended that you spend some time preparing the ambiance of the room. You can light some candles or place some of your favorite divination tools around the room. Getting in touch with crystals and selecting specific tarot cards is helpful, too. It’s a good idea to turn off your phone before you begin your practice to avoid any distractions. You can also listen to some soothing music to create a chill atmosphere. The key lies in relaxing the mind. 

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In an effort to get free from the shackles of our conscious mind, it is advisable to meditate before trying automatic writing. Though meditation isn’t a required step, doing some kind of mindful practice might help you “clear out” your mind and allow the messages to flow through you. Before you begin writing, you could also set your intentions through a sigil and ask for guidance on how to become a vessel for your message. 

Allow yourself to enter a kind of trance. Begin to think about your goals and questions for the practice.

Choose your tool

When it comes to recording your automatic writing, you should choose whichever writing tool works best for you. You should feel comfortable at all times during the automatic writing session so feel free to choose whatever your personal preference may be. 

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Many people enjoy the practice of writing with a pen or pencil and a journal. If you don’t have a journal accessible, some witches also choose to use spare sheets of paper as they feel this approach is more spontaneous and genuine. Alternatively, you may prefer to carry out the session on their computer. An advantage of this option is that you can save and keep a record of every session to reference or search through later. 

Start simple

If you are just trying out automatic writing, it is recommended to keep sessions short and avoid getting too ambitious. The skill of automatic writing may take some time to develop so be sure to have realistic expectations for your first few sessions and start simple. 

After you’ve created a calm environment for your practice, you’re ready to begin your session. Grab a writing utensil or whatever you plan to use to record your practice. You can start by asking a specific question. It’s believed that automatic writing works best when the practitioner knows what the problem that needs to be solved is or what question they’d like answered.

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As you are focusing on your question, write down everything that comes to your mind. Be sure that you’re writing the message down exactly as it comes to your mind. Avoid any sort of judgment around the message that you are receiving. 

It is also crucial to understand that there will be days in which you are more receptive than others. There will be some sessions in which the information will flow quickly and effectively through you while on other days you may feel stuck and unsure what to do next. When this happens, it is important to avoid getting frustrated and to try to relax more and resume your practice. If you’re unable to get past the frustrating feelings, simply try later or any other day. As with everything in life, the more you practice, the better or more accurate your results will be. Eventually, your automatic writing will flow more naturally.

Become the vessel

As you are writing, it’s important to avoid modifying a single word, spelling, or grammar mistake in the message you are channeling. Your goals should be to write down the information as it is presented to you. If you make any modifications to the message, the meaning may be different from how it was intended and it may lose some important information.

The information you receive could be in many different forms. For example, some witches receive messages in languages that they don’t speak fluently. It’s also possible that your message may be in the form of drawings. You may find yourself channeling doodles and drawings throughout your practice.

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This is why it is suggested to be very specific and as straightforward as possible when formulating the question or problem at hand. Experienced witches claim that the more specific the question is, the more easily the answer is received. As you channel the information, don’t judge or question it while in your trance state. 

Interpret your results

You may end your session at any time. Some witches like to keep their sessions going until they stop receiving messages while others choose when to end their session on their own.

After your practice ends, take a few minutes to decompress. Your body was just used as a messaging vessel so it’s not uncommon to have an adrenaline rush or feel exhausted. 

You may then start to read your recordings back. Remind yourself of the question you asked and try to piece together how your writing answers your question. Feel free to do some research if you’re unsure what they mean or how they should be interpreted. Additionally, don’t be surprised if your recordings don’t have meaning right away. You may want to take a break and come back in a few days to try and interpret the results. Alternatively, you may learn the meaning of writing over time so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to understand them right away.

Is automatic writing safe? 

Some are skeptical about automatic writing as it may provide an opportunity to channel low vibrational beings. While it’s important to make sure that you practice automatic writing safely, you should also remember that you are in control of your session. If you ever feel uncomfortable or like you are channeling a dangerous energy, you can stop the session at any time. 

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You may also take steps to ensure the safety of your practice. Some times for protection include:

  • Preparing your sacred space in a calm manner
  • Lighting a white candle (This will also help you stay focused and will allow the information to flow more easily.)
  • Making sure there are no distractions nearby such as phones, TV, radio or any technological device which may interfere with your energy
  • Keeping protection stones or crystals near you such as Shungite, Black Tourmaline, or Black Onyx

By using these tips, you should be able to complete your practice safely. In any case, if something happens that you don’t feel comfortable with, you should feel empowered to stop your session and prevent any negative energy from using you as a channel.

Give it a try!

Automatic writing is an incredibly helpful practice when trying to solve a mystery or to answer any puzzling question. Don’t be afraid to give it a try and immerse yourself into this magical source. It will not only allow you to connect with your inner self deeply but also to widen your knowledge on certain topics. 

Remember it should be a delightful and enriching experience that you should enjoy and find pleasure in. Are you thinking of starting automatic writing or have you already explored this wonderful practice? Share your experience in the comments below! 

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