The Best Candles for Witchcraft


What Are Spell Candles?

Harnessing the magic of candles has been part of the practice of witchcraft across countless cultures and far back in history. Spell candles, also known as chime candles, typically refer to small tapered candles that come in various colors; the colors correspond to the spiritual energies they represent. Spell Candles are a crucial element in any magical practice or ritual because they provide an extra layer of power and intent when casting spells.

What are the best spell candles for witchcraft?

You can do spellwork with many different types of candles. The traditional pillar candle, which is tall and cylindrical, is used for rituals and spells that require a long burn time, as they can burn for several hours. Votive candles are another popular choice, as they are small and easy to use in any setting, although hard to find in a range of colors. You might be drawn to uniquely shaped candles, such as the seven-day candle (used for spells that require a week-long burn time) or the skull candle (used for spells involving death or endings). The candle I find myself reaching for most often is the small tapered candle; they are easy to find in a range of colors and are relatively easy to source.

When I first began my practice, they were one of the first tools I invested in, partially because they are ubiquitous and available at giant retailers and small local shops. Most recently, I found a couple of spell candles tucked into a goody bag I received at our local Yule Ball. It might be tempting to load your cart with inexpensive and accessible chime candles, but as with all magic, the weight of our intention heavily influences the outcome of our spellwork. You will not regret being selective about any products you buy, including spell candles. 

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Spell candle buying guide

Ensure that any spell candles you purchase are made entirely of colored wax, not white candles dipped in dye. When you light a chime candle that is colored all the way through, it helps focus your intention more clearly to achieve what you desire. As the candle burns, the color won't be diluted by a white inner core, so your color correspondence can remain strong.

Pay attention to the size of your spell candles. Choose candles that aren't too large or thick so they can be burned in a reasonable amount of time. Smaller spell candles are ideal for completing spells and rituals in a single setting. They allow you to focus your energy on one single purpose or intention during spellwork instead of potentially spreading yourself too thin by using larger ones that require a longer time to burn down. It goes without saying that having a smaller candle also helps to reduce the risk of fire hazards due to its more manageable size. 

I love having a range of candle colors in my stash. In addition to spellwork, I use them on my altar and my mantle to correspond with the changing seasons and holidays. Owning different colors of spell candles allows me to choose the color that best aligns with my intention, allowing me to focus the power of the ritual more fully. Using multiple colors of candles in a spell can also help layer different energies, making the practice more complex and powerful.

High-quality spell candles are essential for several reasons. They burn cleaner and more efficiently. High-quality candles made with pure, natural waxes and cotton wicks burn without producing soot or other harmful by-products, which is beneficial for the environment, your health, as well as the longevity of the candle.

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What are spell candles used for?

High-quality chime candles are potent tools in spell work or rituals. Candles are used in spellwork as a source of energy and focus, so they must burn well and produce a robust and consistent flame. High-quality candles are also less likely to tunnel (when the wax around the wick melts unevenly, leaving a hole in the candle's center). Tunneling can cause the candle to burn too quickly or unevenly, potentially disrupting your ritual. High-quality spell candles have the added benefit of being more visually pleasing, the colors more vibrant, and the texture of the wax more consistent.

Where to buy spell candles?

Your local metaphysical shop is one place to find spell candles. Buying locally is an opportunity to support your community and has the added advantage of immediate gratification. You can use your candles the same day you purchase them and start your ritual or spell without delay. However, ensuring that the candles sold at your local shop are high quality can be challenging. The cost of candles varies widely from shop to shop, and it can be frustrating to drive to a local shop across town only to discover that what you need is out of your budget. 

SpellCloth is a California-based company that has created a line of chime candles for spells, made with the input and approval of witches in their community. They used feedback from witches on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to design and produce the best quality candles. They also pride themselves in their plastic-free packaging. The set includes ten vibrantly colored candles (five of each color) and five moon-phase candle holders. The only real disadvantage to purchasing through SpellCloth is that you may not need the additional five candle holders. 

Wicca Wicks has a line of colored candles as well. They offer a good variety of 12 different colors but, unfortunately, are too large for a single spell candle, as they take 3 hours to burn completely. Additionally, they are packaged in plastic, which makes the activist in me cringe.

The 40pcs Spell candle set available on Amazon has the advantage of being the lowest-priced set I have found. There are ten different colors, and it could be a great starter set if you have significant budget constraints. I have found that the colors are less vibrant than other higher-quality candles, such as those offered at SpellCloth. And it appears, as with many products from Amazon, that the quality is inconsistent. 

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How to use spell candles

When it comes to lighting spell candles, it is always recommended to use a candle lighter or matches rather than a regular lighter. Regular lighters can disrupt the energy of the candle and the spell. As you light the candle, focus on your intention and visualize the energy flowing through the flame and into your spell.

When it comes time to extinguish your spell candle, it is best to use a candle snuffer or a damp cloth to put out the flame. Blowing out the candle can disperse the energy and weaken the spell. 

How you care for spell candles can impact your spell casting. It is vital to keep your candles clean and free of debris and stored in a cool, dry place to ensure that they will burn evenly when you are ready to use them.

Finally, it is essential always to use caution when it comes to safe spellcasting with spell candles. Please never leave a spell candle burning unattended, and have a plan to deal with accidental fire. Also, never leave a spell candle burning within reach of children or pets.

Spell Candles at A Glance

Using high-quality spell candles is crucial for effective spellcasting. The energy and intention put into creating a candle can significantly impact its effectiveness in spells. Finding the best spell candles for your practice takes time and intention. And you now have some tools to make that choice for yourself confidently. Please spend some time researching our recommended brands (SpellCloth, Wicca Wicks, and 40pcs. Spell candle set). Feel free to try out different brands and see which ones resonate with you and your practice. So, if you are serious about your spellcasting, choose a brand of spell candles to elevate your craft. As a witch, spell candles are a vital tool in my craft. They add a beautiful and symbolic element to my spells and rituals and serve as a powerful conduit for channeling energy and manifesting my intentions.

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