How Do I Know If A Deity Is Calling Me?

how to know if deity is calling you

Deities are ancient energies. So ancient that some of them have witnessed the beginning of human existence. Even though they don't ignore how times have changed, they tend to be attached to old ways and expect you to respect those ways. 

Whether you decide to work with them or not, you have to know how to deal with them. That’s why it’s important to be mindful about the signs to be aware of if a deity is approaching you and what for. 

In this post you'll find a guide on how to know if a deity wants to work with you and some tips about dealing with that situation depending on what you want. So let's start!

 deity work

What is deity work?

First you must know what working with a deity involves. The relationship is exactly that, a working relationship. They are more like a colleague than a BFF, or a lover. You both agree to put in effort so each other can grow from that relationship, especially you. And it's important to know that not all deities will be the same to work with, it depends on their own energy. For Example, a deity like Ares would boss you around but treat you as an equal whereas Apollo would be more fraternal. He would take care of you, but would perceive you as a child. (Disclaimer: As each deity is different, each relationship will be different. You may have a different experience than your friend or a witch from another coven when working with the same deity.)

Working with a deity involves hard work. You will have to devote part of yourself and time to enhance some aspects of your life that might need divine intervention. At the same time, you’re strengthening the relationship with this deity that’s working with you. Nonetheless, it’s nothing to be scared about. Even though it’s hard work, you’ll also begin to know how to deal with this deity and you’ll build up your own relationship with them. Both of you would find time to work and unwind together. Keep in mind that since you’ll be dealing with divine energies, some issues you’re going through may become easier to face. On the other hand, some might feel even more challenging. For those times remember to hang in there, no deity will make you face something you’re not ready for.

Chinese deity worship

Can I work with any deity?

The short answer is no. Remember that it’s important to stay away from closed practices! Deities belong to a specific culture, so it’s more likely you’d bond with deities close to your own roots, or of a culture that you’re connected to somehow. For example, by bloodline or just your own interest.

It’s a must that, if you decide to work with a deity, you do research about them and the pantheon they belong in. Now, let’s say that you want to reach out to a deity that hasn’t approached you first. No matter how knowledgeable you are about their culture and that specific deity, you could still get a negative answer. Keep in mind that respect is the number one thing when approaching a Deity. If you get a negative response to reaching out to them, respect their boundaries. Do not be demanding. Don’t be a burden to the deity you’re offering yourself to, they might have a specific reason  not to work with you. This is important not only when dealing with deities, but with any other kind of relationship as well ( like friends, families, etc.).

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Why would a deity want to work with me?

If a deity approaches you, and you know that they in fact want to work with you it's because they've seen something in you. Whether it's something they like about your personality or some skill that they could take advantage of. They'll let you know. Dealing with deities might be too much sometimes as they tend to be very straight forward. Remember that they are used to getting what they want! However, they know that it's better not to tease a witch so they'll usually respect your boundaries.

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Do I have to work with them?

You don’t need to work with a deity if you feel like you won’t be able to. Whether you lack time, or you don't feel ready yet to involve yourself with these kinds of energies, it’s fine to forgo deity work. It won't make you any less of witch. When I talk to some other witches that are excited and want to  do everything right now, I get the feeling that they feel some experiences are a must to be a witch. Either that, or that they’re trying to prove that they’re able to handle anything. But keep in mind, there are no requirements to be a witch! Witchcraft isn’t just a discipline, it’s a way of living and you have your entire time to venture into. You, as a witch, are the one who’ll have to choose when the time is right (or if you want to) do such a thing as work with a deity.

crows as sign from deity

How to know which deity is calling you

Nowadays, with all of social media talking about witchcraft and deities, it might be a little hard to know when you’re dealing with a deity sending messages or an algorithm trying to play into your desires. Anyways, it’s important to know that there’s not a specific way deities would try to reach you and it won’t ever be just a single, subtle sign. If a deity wants to contact you, you’ll most likely notice it.

Based on my own experience, and many other witches’, the first attempts are more as a tease. You’ll start noticing a strange feeling, like there’s something odd. It’s hard to explain, but the sensation I felt slowly crept into me. It was as if, even though you feel immersed in yourself, and that you’re limitless there’s this thing beyond yourself that you can’t quite recognize. That sensation will grow as days go on. Then you’ll start being more aware of signs from nature, specifically to the ones related to the deity that’s trying to contact you. Let’s say you’re chosen by Aphrodite. You might began to feel mesmerized by gardens and landscapes, but you could feel like flowers are the things you like the most. If you get very picky you could feel a subtle preference for the ones that have to do with romance, such as red and pink colored ones, like liliums and roses. As time passes by, signs will begin to appear everywhere such as animals crossing your path, colors, and online posts. It’s not uncommon to even grasp some words from conversations between strangers that might be related to the deity.

Anyhow, if you bumped into this post it’s likely that a deity might be trying to get your attention. Here are some questions you could ask yourself to help you decide if you’d like to work with them or determine that it’s not the right time for you.

  • Are you interested in actively working with a deity?
  • Do you know which deity might be trying to connect with you?
    • If not, take a second to push every other concern out of your mind. What kinds of sensations are you feeling right now? Chaos? Romance? Comfort? Anger?
  • Do you have enough time to devote some of yourself to that work?
    • If not, are you willing to make it?
  • Why do you think this deity is interested in you? Do you think this would help you or would a relationship with a deity only be more beneficial to them?

There’s no right or wrong way to answer these questions. They're mostly just for you to think about based on your own desires. Remember that you’re a witch, not a cleric, and you’re not forced to accept working with a deity if you feel like it’s not a right fit for you.


  • Chris

    This article is great! I have a question though. Since I was old enough to remember (I’m 23) I’ve always been drawn to Anubis for example no other deity has ever held my attention like Anubis, dogs/wolves are my favorite species, and I love death and find it beautiful and should be cared for. Could those be signs that Anubis is trying to get my attention? Thank you!

  • Tosha

    I’m a baby witch and lately, out of nowhere at that, I’ve been feeling like Freya is calling me. I keep seeing dragonflies, which I looked up and allegedly are affiliated with her. I researched her, and everything seems so perfect and aligned for me. But I’m not 100% sure if I’m receiving this right because i find conflicting information. How do I know if she is presenting herself to me? And how do I know if a relationship with this deity is right?

  • April

    Hi, I keep seeing shadows, especially out of the corner of my eye. It’s Egyptian I believe. What’s the best way to proceed¿

  • Hi, Out Of The Corners Of My Eyes. Think I’m Getting Messages But It’s Confusing Trying To Figure Them Out. It’s Egyptian I Believe. How Do I Proceed In Your Honest Opinion¿

    Hi, I keep seeing shadows, especially out of the corner of my eye. It’s Egyptian I believe. What’s the best way to proceed¿

  • Hi, I Keep Seeing Shadows, Especially Out Of The Corners Of My Eyes. I Think I’m Getting Messages But It’s Confusing Trying To Figure Them Out. It’s Egyptian I Believe. How Do I Proceed In Your Honest Opinion¿

    Hi, I keep seeing shadows, especially out of the corner of my eye. It’s Egyptian I believe. What’s the best way to proceed¿

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