9 Tips for Working with Deities

If you are a witch, you have probably heard that working with Deities is no child's play. However, working with a Deity doesn’t have to be near impossible, either. Take this work seriously and keep your wits about you. If you do so, you can definitely find it a positive experience. Here are some tips to make your work with them easier.

1. Start with your ancestors

ancestral spirit

Your ancestors may not be as exciting as Deities, but you know they have vested interests in your well-being. You can’t always take that for granted with a Deity. Some of your ancestors even share your last name. They want to see you succeed and they take an interest in your life. Once you have a fluid relationship with them, they will be able to act as bouncers of sorts. They'll keep low-vibrational spirits away, something that is key if you want to work with Deities. Once you open the door for Deities, other not-so-desirable spirits may walk in, too. The principles of working with Ancestors versus those of working with Deities are very similar. So you’ll get to practice how to contact beings on other planes in a safe space.

2. Get Deity Identification Readings

The trickiest part with Deities is knowing whether they want to work with you or not. You can’t push a Deity to do your bidding if they don’t want to. I once heard a story of a Deity who killed off a person’s otherwise healthy cat. The Deity killed her cat because the person insisted on working with the Deity after the Deity had said no multiple times.

One way in which you know which Deities want to work with you is to get Deity identification readings. One place where you can get them is Etsy. Ideally, get multiple readings. If the same Deity crops up in two or three of these readings, you can be sure that you’re safe when working with that Deity. You can also get your Akashic records open and ask them. In this way, you’ll know from a reliable source (or multiple reliable sources) that a Deity does indeed want to work with you. 

3. Look at the first candle you light in their honor

altar for deity

Lighting a candle in honor of a Deity is a pretty safe way to interact with them. By doing this, you’re opening up a channel of communication and showing them that you respect them and want to offer them energy in the form of fire. Hold off on asking for anything yet. Observe the candle. What does the flame look like? Is it tall? Is it stable? Does it react when you talk to it? Is it giving off smoke, or going out suddenly? If the flame is tall and stable, it’s a good sign. If it sizzles, gives off smoke, looks weak, or goes out, it’s not such a good sign.

4. Don’t start with multiple Deities

You may be tempted to work with more than one Deity, after all, it’s a pretty exciting world. However, take it easy. Working with Deities takes time, and they also may not get along. It’s usually good practice to have separate altars for different Deities. It’s wiser to start with one Deity and work with them exclusively for at least three months, more if it’s possible, before you make your personal pantheon larger. This will save you lots of headache and reduce the amount of problems you will encounter.

5. Ask for a Deity to give you a Tarot card that symbolizes them

Once you start communicating with a Deity and everything is going smoothly, ask them to pick a signifier card on your Tarot deck. Pay attention to which card they choose to represent themselves. You will find this card coming up again and again while you’re reading or even if you’re simply shuffling your cards. This means they want to communicate with you or be involved in a particular Divination session or a work you’re about to do. Observing when this card appears and in what context will also help you get clued in as to your current standing with the Deity.

6. Block out time on your calendar to dedicate to the Deity

journal to work with deity

Working with deities takes time. They will require persistence and reliability from you, or they may lose interest in you. If you can work with them daily, much better, but if you can’t, two or three days a week will work just fine. Block out a couple of hours on your calendar to work with them, both to keep yourself accountable and to show them your commitment. When you’re working with them, put your phone on Airplane mode and pray to them and/or light a candle in their honor. Try to feel their energy and communicate with them. They may give you a task to complete. It’s generally a task that contributes to your own wellbeing. Aphrodite, for instance, may encourage you to do your skincare every single day, and Athena may want you to dedicate two hours a day to schoolwork. Whatever it is, do your very best to hold up your end of the bargain. Deities will never ask you for tasks you can’t complete or would be a waste of your time. They will never ask for you to spend money you don’t have or to do anything sexual with them.

7. Pay attention to your body while you worship them

praying with deity

Your body knows what is good or bad for you. Whenever you light up a candle for a Deity or pray to them, pay special attention to your body. If you feel like you’re disconnected from your body, prioritize doing daily grounding meditations before you try to reach out to Deities. Pay attention to how you feel? Do you feel like you’re carrying a burden on your shoulders? Do you feel something funny in your gut? Or, on the contrary, do you feel light and full of energy? Take note of anything in your journal. You don’t need to over analyze everything. It’s normal to feel nerves, but, if every time you are trying to get in touch with a Deity, you feel symptoms you didn’t feel before or have no reasonable explanation, take note of that. 

8. Start small

Don’t start by asking for life-changing miracles and promising the Deity the world. By the way, be very careful about what you promise to Deities. If you make a promise you can’t keep, they will punish you and you may lose their trust or their willingness to work with you. It’s always wisest to start small. There will be time for asking for big favors once the relationship is established. Ask for something small – an opportunity to earn a small amount of money, an opportunity to see an old friend. Start with small offerings as well, or you may create an energetic imbalance with your Deity. Some bread, water or coffee will do at the beginning, and you can start to escalate the offerings as your relationship evolves. If they do something big for you, you should offer them something big in return (within your budget, of course).

9. Wait till you ask for something

spiritual path

Worshiping a deity, any deity, tends to be a risk-free activity. No deity will find it offensive if you light a candle in their name and give them offerings. The problems start when you want to work with them. You have to be sure that they want to work with you. Even if you know for a fact that they do, wait before you make a request. Make sure they get to know you and your habits by establishing fluid communication.



Are you working with a Deity? If so, which one? Did you find these tips useful? Tell us in the comments!


  • Luna

    I came upon a glamour spell calling on Aphrodite. As I have several old abalone shells, one that is smaller than the others but is varnished and has little legs to support it, I decided that the best way to use this spell was with these shells (2 are about 40 years old and haven’t been cleaned). I put my prized shell (an intact sand dollar about 3” across) in the varnished shell as my first offering. Then I proceeded with the spell, leaving out an ingredient, but it seemed to work! So I got the glass bowl of sea shells—not sure how many I actually collected or just bought—and I put a few of the prettiest clam shells in the little abalone bowl to thank her. I also have a (somewhat chipped from times that it was knocked over) large statue of Cupid. Would that be appropriate? I’m looking for a ward, as well, so I thought he would make a good choice. She wants me to paint a picture of her, this is something that she has let me know.

  • t

    i tried to do the candle thing and it worked amazingly

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