How Do I Know If Being a Divination Witch is the Right Path for Me?

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A lot of us were drawn to witchcraft by a beautiful Tarot deck or an insightful birth chart reading. That was my case, for sure. Being a Divination witch sounds exciting. This is the case even for those of you who weren't hooked by a Divination method. Imagine having a fluid dialogue with the Divine! It's like living inside a movie. However, before you choose the path of the Divination witch, there are a few important things to bear in mind. A lot of these lessons are ones that I learned myself the hard way.

Always remember that your path is never set in stone. You may try out this path and if you discover it isn't truly where you belong, switch! It doesn't matter if you've been doing it for a year or if you already own an extensive crystal ball collection.

If you aren't sure about how to get started, we’ve covered a few tips for beginner Divination witches in a previous post. If you want to know whether your personality is suited for this path, read on.

future telling

1. You aren’t overly interested in the future beyond the immediate future

This may sound counterintuitive. However, the people that are overly concerned with the future tend to overthink things too much. They end up being overwhelmed by possibilities. This will end up hindering their proficiency with Divination tools. A good sign that you're well-suited to become a Divination witch is that you're drawn to Tarot or Astrology to know and understand yourself. You see Divination as a way to know your potential. Knowing the future three years from now does not interest you much.

Sure, you may wonder what to wear to your job interview the day after tomorrow. You may ask whether it will rain on Friday. But you're not overly fussed about who you'll end up marrying or when you'll be able to buy a house.

However, don't be discouraged if you're overly concerned about the future and also love Divination. Sometimes, it's simply a sign of being a new divination witch. A lot of Divination witches start out wanting to have their entire future mapped out. Eventually, they grow out of it. Once they understand that the only future we can know is one based on present energies, everything changes. Present energies may shift any time. Imagine your energy before and after you know you've passed a test you weren't sure you did well in. Once they get it, they quickly shift their perspective. They start to use Divination to know the past, present, and immediate future.

But if you already approach the Divination tool of your choice with this perspective, it's a very good omen indeed.

limits of divination

2. You understand there are limits to Divination

This is a lesson even experienced Tarot readers and other professional Divination witches don't fully grasp. Having mastery over the Tarot or astrological transits doesn't make you a lawyer, financial advisor, or, worse, a medical doctor. Divination may point you in the right direction, but that's it. Perhaps it can offer spiritual advice or advice to deal with minor emotional issues. It definitely offers tools to get to know yourself better.

But the picture will never be fully complete until you see a licensed professional. If you start your Divination practice already with this knowledge, it means you have a solid ethical compass. It also means you run less of a risk to develop a God complex once you master a Divination tool.

Not all Divination witches use their tools to earn money. But those that do and don't understand these limits could eventually face legal trouble. Most can avoid that by having terms and conditions of purchase in place. However, telling the people that come to you that you're not offering legal, medical or financial advice will never be a waste of breath.

patient witch

3. You are patient and aren't discouraged if you don't see immediate results

You can't sprint your way through learning Tarot. You can't spend an entire week memorizing the cards and expect to be a master Tarot reader immediately after. You may spend six months feeling stuck in your Divination practice. And then you suddenly have an epiphany and understand what's been keeping you away from reaching your full potential. Perhaps you needed to do some more shadow work or grounding. Perhaps you have to spend years trying out different Divination methods. It may take years to find which one (or which combination of methods) works best for you. 

Even if you already have years of experience reading Tarot, casting runes or using a Pendulum, it doesn't get easier. Each time you acquire a new deck, rune set, or pendulum, you will connect to that specific tool differently. You will have to spend time getting to know its quirks.

So if you're the kind of person who quits when they are not innate rockstars, this may not be the path for you. Perhaps you have a great start. You may have the gift of mediumship, for instance, and hearing whispers from the dead may help you out a lot at first. You will be able to move beyond simply repeating some book's definition of a Tarot card by being the voice for the dead. But you may eventually hit a roadblock, and overcoming it won't be obvious or even easy to figure out. 

observant witch

4. You're observant

Most Divination witches have an eye for detail. They notice that the cup in the Queen of Cups has a lid while others in the suit don't, for example. Not only that, they observe the people around them. They have a hunch as to why someone may have their arms crossed. They notice the single tear in the fellow passenger on public transport. Later on, when they start to go off-book with their Tarot readings, noticing the right detail may be the key to get to the bottom a situation.

When you start to interact with spirits from other planes, the gift of observation will help you. It will help you not cross any boundaries or even incur the wrath of people from other planes. It'll also help you know whether the spirit that's trying to reach your client is truly doing so from a place of love.

compassionate witch

5. You're compassionate

Doing Divination is a delicate matter that requires emotional intelligence and kindness. Even if you choose to "tell it like it is," you still need to find the kindest way possible to convey a message. The path will be much smoother if you walk into it with a compassionate, kind disposition.

astrological witch

6. You have an important Water and Earth placement in your Birth Chart

Perhaps the youngest or least experienced of you out there were discouraged by what you read in this post. However, when you still have a lot of room to grow, looking at your birth chart can be the best way to see your potential. Are there Divination witches with no Water or Earth placements on their birth chart? Sure. However, a strong presence of these elements means you'll have an easier time with this particular path.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) are attuned with their intuition from birth. Some aren't conscious of it. Even worse, some use these gifts to manipulate others. However, all of them have the capacity to use their intuition for the purpose to serve those around them.

An Earth placement is also key. Grounding is an important part of Divination – and one that's often neglected. We receive Divine wisdom through the top of our heads, but we later have to release it back into the Earth. Like any channel, both ends of it need to be cared for. Plus, Earth signs already display a lot of the characteristics we mentioned. Capricorns will quickly understand that knowing their way around Tarot doesn't qualify them to give legal advice. Virgos have a keen eye for detail and are the most observant out of the twelve Zodiac signs. Taureans will take their time learning their way around the Divination tool they choose. They won't be discouraged at all when they don't get it right on the first try.

What counts as a significant placement, though? You want to look at your Sun sign and also your Rising sign and Moon sign. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron, your Midheaven, and North Node are also worth considering. 

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