Dragon's Blood Sage and Other Witchy Incense Blends

dragons blood sage for witchcraft

Dragon's blood is a resin many practitioners reach for when they need to banish some sort of unwanted entity from their aura or their space. In combination with sage, a spiritual bleach, you can reset any environment, no matter how haunted it is. In case you are unfamiliar with how to use incense, you are supposed to use an incense holder or a fire-safe dish. A ceramic dish will do, but incense holders generally have handles. This makes them easier to manipulate. Put either sand or earth on the bottom. Then, add in your preferred herbs and resins and light them using a special piece of charcoal. This is NOT interchangeable with barbecue charcoal. This incense charcoal, for example, has high ratings on amazon which is a great resource if you don’t have a local metaphysical shop.

Something else you should bear in mind is that you shouldn’t use the subspecies of Sage called White Sage. This would be cultural appropriation. North American Native nations such as the Chumash were punished for using it. Check and double check that the Sage you use for this incense blend is not from this subspecies.  

1. Dry rose petals

dried rose for incense

Roses are versatile flowers that also happen to have protective properties. In addition, they will sweeten your space and prep it for Divination purposes. If you are going to use this space to perform love spells, then roses are an absolute must to infuse the space with sensual, loving energy. Rose can also calm down hostile energies present in the environment.

2. Dry orange peels

dried orange for incense

Oranges are both protective and have ties to wealth and good luck. They can easily overturn the unlucky energy associated with the space you’re cleansing. If you’re doing the cleansing in an office or another place associated with money, orange peels are the way to go. If the space contains valuable decoration, you can use orange peels to prevent them from breaking or being stolen.

3. Lavender

lavender for incense

Lavender is another great addition for the incense blend. This is because it will both enhance the protective qualities of the incense and create a space that’s calm and soothing. If there is a lot of chaos or you feel uneasy when walking into the room you intend to cleanse, you should use Lavender. Lavender is also great for rooms associated with rest or where you meditate.

4. Bay leaves

bay leaves for incense

Bay leaves are great for manifestation, so it’s great to cleanse your altar or other places where you sit to manifest. Burning bay leaves can also attract messages from your guides in your dreams. They can also attract good luck. You can write your intentions on the leaves with a marker to make the incense blend even stronger.

5. Oak Wood

oak wood for incense

Oak is an extremely protective and strong wood that can give your incense blend a solid and stable base. This is welcome in a process such as banishing, which can be chaotic. It’s also sacred to many Deities, including Brigid and Zeus (among many others). If you’re looking for their help in the banishing process, including Oak in an incense blend is a great nod to them.

6. Coffee

coffee for incense

If the energy of the place you intend to cleanse is very stagnant, add coffee to the incense blend for a quick pick-me-up. You’ll see matters related to that room quickly start to pick up speed after weeks or months of being stagnant. You’ll also feel far more energetic while being in the room. If you’re sensitive, the stagnant energy of the room probably weighs on you. You’ll find that after burning some coffee beans alongside dragon's blood and sage, you may even feel pleasure hanging out in your room. 

7. Lilac Wood

lilac wood for incense

Dragon's blood has more of a solar polarity, so it’s a great idea to pair it with another banishing herb with a lunar polarity. Lilac Wood is a banishing wood with a lunar polarity. It’ll make your cleansing and banishing ritual far more comprehensive, as it will target opposite energies with one and the same goal.

In short, the ideal third ingredient in a blend including dragon's blood and Sage will vary depending on what you’re cleansing. What the energies are like also play a role. If they’re stagnant, go for coffee. If they’re hostile, go for dry rose petals. If you’re cleansing your bedroom, you’ll want to choose something calming like Lavender. If you’re cleansing your office, use dried orange peels.

What ingredient would you choose? Why?

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