How to Attract Wealth with Herbs & Crystals

All of us need money to have nice things, pay for school, manage debt, and use for our practice. Your spirit guides will be more than happy to direct you to the right opportunities so you can be wealthy. If you want to speed up the process of manifestation or spellcasting related to wealth, there are a few herbs, spices, and crystals you can use to become prosperous and be able to afford the life you want.

 cinnamon for abundance

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has strong associations with wealth. It is a popular ingredient in many spells such as money bowls and prosperity spells. It will spice up your life and fill it with opportunities for you to earn money. Plus, it’s easy to find in supermarkets at a much more affordable price than in a metaphysical store. You can even include it in your morning coffee and baked goods for a bit of kitchen witchcraft centered on wealth. Focus on your intention while you pour the cinnamon. This spice can also make you magnetic to the kinds of opportunities you want. 

mint for abundance

2. Mint

If you need to earn a certain amount of money quickly, mint is your go to herb. As a plant, mint can grow abundantly in even the most hostile of environments and this ability is transferred to your prosperity as well. We recommend using this ingredient if you have something like a GoFundMe going on, or a release of a digital product. Similarly, if you’re looking for a high quality investor, try casting a quick spell with Mint. You’ll see that you will raise the amount of money that you need pretty quickly. Your digital product will sell like hot cakes, and you’ll attract the right kind of investor. Like Cinnamon, you can include it in beverages like lemonade and tea. Lemonade will also keep your wealth or project protected, and tea will activate the energies around it.

jade for abundance

3. Jade

If you like your current job, side hustle, or the business you started, but you need to earn a promotion or give it a little boost, Jade will do the trick. It pairs wonderfully with both Mint and Ginger. Our Auric Spray is a great example that is a spell including Jade and Ginger essential oil. Meditate with it while listening to sounds related to wealth, and put it on top of your manifestation journal. You can also set it with the intention to guide you where the money is in dreams, and then make a sleep packet including it and see the guidance start to come in.

pyrite for abundance

4. Pyrite

If you need to change your circumstances around earning money completely, instead of Jade, you should reach for Pyrite. It’s ideal when you have no clue about how you should go about earning money or if you are wondering what career to choose. It's also great when you need a new job after a long period of unemployment, or to get a new job offer to escape a dead end job. In Feng Shui, the wealth corner is located in the far left corner of any room. Try putting a large piece of Pyrite there after cleansing and purifying it. You can also keep a small piece in your wallet and another piece on your desk or office.

ginger for abundance

5. Ginger

If you need money to flow in as soon as possible, there’s nothing like Ginger to speed up the process. Try baking some cookies with Ginger and Cinnamon in them and see the money start to flow in. Ginger is great in addition to most of the ingredients mentioned in here. Ideally, you should use a piece from a fresh Ginger root, but, in a pinch, any Ginger you have lying around will do (even powdered).

citrine for abundance

6. Citrine

Citrine is a lucky, energizing stone that can attract wealth with its gold color. The best way to use it is to set an intention for wealth and prosperity. Do a grounding meditation and then ask it to help you attract wealth. You can carry it around when going on job interviews or when browsing job offers online. You can also hold it in your hand while you’re browsing the stock market or a cryptocurrency marketplace. You’ll find that it will nudge you in the right direction.

Bonus: Sunlight and trust are your best friends

You can pair all of these ingredients with one of the most abundant witchcraft ingredients out there: sunlight (plus it's free!). Even just going outside to bask in the sunlight (wearing sunscreen, of course) is great for attracting wealth (and much needed vitamin D).

combined witchcraft ingredients for abundance

In addition, remember that money and trust have the exact same vibration. If you want your bank account to look good long-term but have trust issues, the best investment you can do is not in the stock market but in a good therapist. Work on trusting yourself and others completely, and you’ll see a massive change in your finances.

Have you ever tried doing a wealth spell? How did it go? Which one of these ingredients are you most excited to try?

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