How To Make a Divination Sigil: A Step-By-Step Guide

how to make a divination sigil

You know you can use witchcraft to solve problems in your daily life. But can magic solve problems that come from something beyond the everyday realm? Witchcraft is an already complicated path, so there might be some times in which it can be difficult to interpret divination accurately. This is why it’s recommended not to rely on witchcraft to deal with every situation in your normal life. That being said, you can find many magical solutions to problems that might come up in your practice.

In regards to divination, it’s common to find yourself in some cryptic sessions. That’s why divinators tend to rely on charms such as magic jewelry. But there’s no need to buy anything to get some spiritual help: Sigils are a great support you can summon when in need. In this post you’ll find some of my experience using Sigils and a guide on how to craft a Divination Sigil.

I struggle with Chaos Magic in my practice. I’m rather a methodical witch, that’s why when adding some non-standard spice to the mix, I tend to get anxious. Yet, I‘ve found it really helpful for some aspects in my daily life. I have a tight schedule and it's more likely I won't have time for a ritual that will take too much time. So, for me, Chaos Magic is a life-saver in that aspect. Thus, when it comes to this, Sigils are the most iconic practice. There’s information all over the internet on Sigils. However, I’ve struggled for so long to make one myself. Mainly because all the information lacks an open interpretation. They’re rather structured guides which you can’t modify. And Chaos Magic is an individual and intimate practice. What works for some witches, might not work for you. I should warn you that failure is something you possibly face when walking this chaotic path. Yet, I hope you gain some confidence to give it a try, learn and succeed.

studying divination

Think about this process as a recipe on the basis of how to make Sigils. And as you may love your grandma’s cookies, your sibling might prefer her brownies instead. To each their own. Both are sweet treats and they come from baking. It's just that they are not made with the same ingredients or procedure. And maybe if you try to do your grandma’s cookies recipe at home, they end up burnt. It’s the same with Sigils. There are many ways on how to use them and it’s up to you to find the one you like.

Based on my experience, I'd say making Sigils has a similar technique as activating a triquetra. There are mental, physical and spiritual forces involved while working on a Sigil. With all that being said, let’s begin with this step-by-step guide on how to bake our Divination Sigil.

Mental Work

Even in Chaos Magic you’d need a lot of mental work. You’d have to set a clear intention. And that’s one of the parts in which I struggle most of the time. Asking myself "What do I want?" is always hard and you need to be concrete with your desire. Then, you’d have to turn that wish into a short sentence. I find it helpful to start writing what I’m trying to accomplish and, then, try to figure out what I want.

Make it a precise guide, spotting where you are and how to get what you want. This is to help you visualize concrete actions and give some direction to your Sigil. Take in consideration that these steps are just for you to have a clear idea of what you desire. Yet, the involved energies might lead you in a totally different way.

We’re working with Divination, so let’s say I want to unveil some hidden truth of a complicated issue. Then, I would aim for clear foresight in this hazy spread. All this can be reduced to the concept of Clearness.

clarity in divination

Physical Action

Now that you have set your intention in a word, or a sentence if you want to, all you need to do is turn those words into a picture that perfectly matches your intention. There are many ways on how to start with that, so let’s check on the most popular ones.

Numerology: If you are a “numbers person”, you may feel better using this method. You'd have to turn each letter of your sentence into a number. For that you’d need to check on a Pythagorean Chart like the one below. Then, you delete the repeated numbers and, finally, you  trace a path over a numerology grid. That’s a sheet with numbers placed from 1-9. There are many grid designs, choose the one you like the most.


Martinez, Avery ⓒ

Calligraphy: If you are not into numbers, then this other method might be the right choice. First, you need to get rid of the repeated letters and, then, design a draft sketch. It’s not important the order you decide to place each character, but they do have to be connected. You would want to end up with something like a seal.

Whichever method you use for the first sketch, you should keep working on it. Sigils are a visual kind of magic, so the more it depicts your wish, the better. There’s another method in which you jump straight into sketching the Sigil. In this case, you’d use the first pictures that came into your mind while working on the intention. For Divination Sigils, concepts like eye, vision, mirror are the most common ones. As an example, I worked with the numerology method and, so far,  this is my sketch’s process.

how to make divination sigil

Martinez, Avery ⓒ

My base design looks like an arrow and it’s a good start since I’m expecting to get some guidance. I tilted the design and I added a circle on top to depict a mirror. Then, I traced a circle so it also resembles an eye and, finally, I crowned it with some details so it also looks like a candle. As a result, I have guidance, reflection, foresight and enlightenment in my final sketch. You can add as many details as you please to your Sigil, yet, I’d say, keep it simple since you have to be able to draw it when needed.

Spiritual Affection

It’s time to actively ask energy to act on your behalf. Sigils are already charged with creativity as you make them. Yet, you can expose them to the energy of a crystal that matches your intention. The most used crystals for divination purposes are Amethyst, Obsidian, Moonstone and Labradorite. You can also charge this Sigil by lighting a purple candle calling for a clear foresight.

purple candle for divination

When you want to dispose of the Sigil, you can burn it in the flame of the same candle you’ve used to activate it and, then, throw the ashes to the wind. It’s said that Sigils are crafted to be forgotten. In some practices that action depicts that you’ve set your wish free from your mind so the Universe can grant it. Yet, as some witches decide to destroy them, there are some others that decide to keep them. Some witches even make jewelry out of their sigils. It all depends on the practice or the Sigils’ function. For a Divination Sigil I would recommend remembering the sketch and using it when needed. So, when you come across a dazzling reading, you can draw it on a piece of paper. Every reading is different, so each time you draw the Sigil you'd summon the best matching energies. You won’t be using the same first design, it would be a new version of it.

sigils for divination

These are not the only ways on how to make Sigils. You’ll find plenty of methods out there and all mixed up. It’s more likely you won’t come across the method that works for you. Actually, the idea behind Chaos Magic is that you can find your own ritual procedure. Yet, I hope you´ve found some guidance and tips here to help you with the process.

Have you ever made a Sigil yourself? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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