Love Magic 101: How to Cast A Love Spell

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What exactly are Love Spells? Do they actually work? Let’s be clear from the start. You can’t summon love into your life in the same way as you’d do with money. Love is a dazzling feeling that can trigger other emotions, depending on how people experience it. Love’s not only a strong energy, but a treacherous one to deal with.

What we mean is that every person has their own way to experience the feeling of love. As there are people who might be scared of being loved, some might not be too interested in it. There are also many others who want love so desperately that they would hold on to anything that resembles it. You should take those and many other experiences into consideration if you are thinking about casting a Love Spell. If you cast a spell over a non-romantic person, for example, the most probable outcome is that they’ll get frustrated. This is because they won’t feel comfortable with that situation. They could also simply ignore the feeling, and it’s even possible that they set you apart from their life in order to avoid feeling haunted by that emotion.

Dealing with love in magic is no joke. For example, let’s say you ask to be loved. If you don’t specify how or by whom, you could end up being stalked by a stranger, and that’s extremely dangerous. It’s important to be specific about what kind of love you want to get. Also, you need to set a “safety clause.” This is a safe way to quickly undo that spell if something goes wrong. With all of that being said, let’s delve into Love Spells.

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How can I cast a Love Spell?

There’s no right or wrong way to call for love. However, there are some things you should know that might help you design a Love Spell.

First, you need to set your heart –and mind– on what you wish for. When it comes to magic you need to have a clear intention, even if you just go with the flow. Relying on magic means that there’s something specific you want to achieve. You need to be careful, especially when it comes to love magic. This doesn’t mean that your Love Spell won’t work if you cast it with an intention that is not clear. It’s most likely that it’ll work, but unpredictable consequences might come along with the spell.

If you are looking to catch someone’s eye, you may want to cast a spell on them. Nevertheless, you should know that when doing that you’re triggering the other person to suddenly start thinking about you. This might quickly turn to them becoming obsessed with you due to that intense emotion. Conversely, they could get frustrated with you as they won’t be able to explain what’s happening. They might end up feeling uncomfortable. So, you have to think wisely before casting a Love Spell. In this case, our advice would be to cast a glamor spell on yourself to get the other person’s attention.

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Now, let’s go back to the safety clause. It’s not really something hard to do and it won’t change the effects of the ritual. We recommend setting a safe word at the time you’re casting the spell, to be able to break the spell if things get out of your hands. Getting rid of a charm is much easier, as you could break it, burn it, or find any other (environmentally safe) way to dispose of it.

 charms for love spells

Charms and amulets

If you’re looking to attract a specific kind of love you could make a charm bag with some items that indicate the type of energy you expect to get. The best way to use a charm bag is to carry it in your purse or pocket. However, if some of the ingredients in the bag might fall out or ruin your outfit when going out, it is better to leave it on your altar.

No time to craft a charm bag? You could wear a bracelet as an amulet. It’s a good idea to pick one with a crystal that matches your intention. That’s one of the easiest ways to attract love in your daily life. You’ll be constantly exposed to that energy and you’ll notice how it starts to manifest around you. Besides, if you plan on going on a date, having something you can physically hold onto helps with anxiety.

aphordite for love spells

There are many ways to charge your charm with love energy. However, it’s good to take advantage of things you can control, such as the moment in which you do it. This will help strengthen your intentions.

Our recommendation is that you charge your charm on Friday as it’s the day ruled by love deities such as Venus, Aphrodite, Freyja, and many others. If you want to awaken love, or start a gentle relationship, it’s better to charge the charm or amulet in the morning. When you want an already existing relationship to burst in passion, noon is definitely the best moment. However, if things are going too fast for your liking, cast your magic closer to the evening time. Lavender is a good ingredient for achieving a calm and peaceful love. Finally, let’s say you want to work on some things which are more intimate. In this case you should set your intentions for the charm or amulet any time during the night.

recipe for love spell

The recipe for love

In case that you are already in a relationship and all the parties agree to heat things up, there are many ways to do that. We recommend some kitchen magic. There’s nothing better than a romantic dinner or delicious treat to spice things up a little bit! You could check any correspondence chart for ingredients related to love. You can always get creative when it comes to this kind of magic.

However, if you're up to play chef, you could use sacred oils in bed with your loved one(s) to summon a specific kind of energy into the relationship. There are many scents and oils you can find that might serve your purpose. The most important thing when it comes to these practices is to be able to enhance the bond with your partner(s). Try to communicate with them in ways you're not used to. Remember to be perceptive and always ask if what you’re doing feels right. Get to know each other from a different perspective. There's no need for this intimate ritual to end in sexual intercourse. This ritual is useful for bonding, and whatever comes after it’s up to you and the (consenting) people involved.

Don’t forget that, even if you’ve planned the entire night, magic comes from the unexpected. Go with the flow.

To sum things up, the most important ingredients if you want a lasting healthy relationship are not herbs or crystals. They are respect, communication, consent, and happiness. There’s no spell that can replace those things, and anything else is fake and won’t attract true love. When it comes to feelings, there’s no room for trickery. Remember that there are more people involved and think about how they might feel after the spell is done. After all, if you wish to bond with them it’s because you care about them.

Here are some final words of advice. If you try to bind two people that are not meant to be, nothing but violence or hate would grow from there. Don’t try to break an already existing bond. Finally, don’t ever try to bend someone’s will, as it could snap back right at you. See you soon, charming witches!

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