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Water can be integrated in your witchcraft practice in various ways. You can leave an offering on your Altar for any Deities or spirits that work with you. You can use it to make sprays, or simply add it as an ingredient to any spell. The source where your water is from impacts its energetic makeup.

Water absorbs the energy that’s around it, including its origin. That’s why you’d turn to swamp water, for example, if you want to banish someone, or to storm water for a boost of strength. If you live far away from a certain source of water like the ocean, you can preserve its water for years. To do so, dilute it with an acid or alcoholic beverage like apple cider vinegar or vodka. These types of alcoholic beverages have a somewhat neutral vibration. If you can’t keep alcohol in the house or don’t want to, you can still use water. You can get around a month of use before bacteria starts to form and that way your potions will be safe for children, pets, and sober people.

The 7 water sources we typically turn to are listed below. Good luck and let us know what you think!

1. Rain Water

Make sure you have some sterilized mason jars always at the ready. You never know when there may be rain! May is said to be the best month for collecting rainwater, and May is on its way alongside Beltane. Rain can feel like a nuisance in city living. But it is often very much expected in the countryside when the crops are struggling. It’s seen by many as a blessing, so it makes sense that it is used to bless things such as new magic tools. Rain also cleanses the places it falls onto, so it also makes sense it’s used for cleansing. It can also be used to attract prosperity and love.

2. Storm Water

Storm falls onto the ground with quite a force. They can even scare some people! You can add some storm water to boost any spell you’re doing. It can also be used for protection, as it will help scare unwanted spirits away. If you need to be more motivated, some storm water can also help you. 

3. Pond Water

You can use water from a pond to manifest new opportunities. Ponds often represent pleasant surprises and a source for nourishment and hygiene. If you feel stuck in a rut, this energy can be lovely. You can also use it for self-discovery. A good use for it is to have a small container filled with it by your side while you do shadow work. It can also help you relax. It’s great to include some drops inside an immersion bath, especially if you mixed it with alcohol to disinfect it. 

4. Snow Water

If you live somewhere where it snows, or if you want to collect some snow during a trip to keep as a memento of that happy memory, great news. You can later use it in your practice. It can be used to purify your tools and manifest change. If you collect it close to Yule, the water will contain an essence of Yule.

5. Swamp Water

Swamp water often contains a lot of yucky stuff and stagnant energies. For this reason, it can be an incredible ingredient for hexes and curses. You can also use it to bind people. Please know what you are doing if you attempt these kinds of spells, though. When they go wrong, they really go wrong. 

6. Urban Water

Water from the tap in a city or town is probably the one that’s the most available to you. As it flows equally in the house of the poor and the wealthy, you can use it to attract wealth. It’s also a great ingredient for spells you cast to be successful. Set it with the motivation to channel what it has learned from successful people that have come into contact with it. Urban water is also tied to the energy of the place you’re in. If you’re doing something to benefit those that dwell in your city, you definitely want to include some of this water.

7. Waterfall Water

If you need rejuvenating energy, an energy of renewal, turn to waterfall water. It can help you get out of a rut and attract some much needed good luck. This is especially the case if you use it to make Citrine water, for example.

In short, the source your water comes from influences its energy. Rainwater, for instance, is linked to blessings and prosperity. Storm water, on the other hand, can help you protect yourself or your home, as well as boost any spell. And so on.

Have you ever tried water from different sources? Which type of water are you the most excited to try? Tell us in the comments!



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