Tips for Pendulum Divination

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Are you at a crossroads? Need accurate answers about life’s troubles ASAP? Pendulum divination could be worth looking into.

Pendulums, which can be any hanging object from a chord, are marvelous for simple answers. They are a great tool at times that requires minimal interpretation and offers guidance on your situation.

In fact, pendulums have been used as divination tools across many cultures and religions. There are records that date back to at least the 17th Century.

So yes, they are simple and effective for decision-making. However, like many other ancient divination tools, there is an art to understanding them. Becoming proficient in interpreting pendulums can take practice and be mastered over time. 

But don't let that keep you from experimenting. Here are some tips to get into pendulum divination and get accurate answers every time.

First things first: what is a pendulum?

A pendulum is a pointed, weighted object that hangs from a chain or cord.

crystal witch pendulum

They can be used to answer questions by observing its patterns of movement. They are best used to respond to “yes” or “no” questions or in instances of decision-making. Each movement should be interpreted as a different answer. Please note that not all pendulums say “yes” or “no” in the same way to all users.

Nowadays, the object that hangs from the chord of a pendulum is typically a crystal. But they can be made of other materials (for example, metal or wood). Objects such as trinkets, balls or keys can be used as pendulums, too. Each person will be drawn to the pendulum material that is best suited for them.

What’s truly important when choosing the perfect pendulum is the connection you feel between you and your tool. They are definitely not a tool you want to buy online, unless you absolutely have to. If possible, go to a brick-and-mortar store to test them out.

Choose the right pendulum for you.

When you are ready to choose a pendulum, keep in mind that, as a divination tool, it will be a channeler for your intuitive powers.

This is the time to tune into your subconscious mind and let it find a connection with a specific crystal or object. Pay attention to your surroundings and let yourself be led by your sixth sense. 

For example, if you decide to go for a crystal, an easy way to find the perfect pendulum is standing before the crystal rack at your local witchy shop. Let your mind gravitate towards one. Don’t ask any questions, just trust your intuition.

variety of witch pendulums

You may have a very special little object that you find a connection to (or just feel like it is your “lucky charm”). There is something that tells you that it will work perfectly as a pendulum. You are totally allowed and encouraged to attach a chain or cord to it and experiment!

If you don’t feel drawn to a specific pendulum, continue to try out several and ask them “Are you mine?” until one answers “yes” to the question. 

Cleanse your pendulum.

Now, if your pendulum is a crystal from a shop or an object that has been laying around your room for a while, it is most likely charged with energy that has been accumulated over time. This energy can be built up from exposure to others over time and may be rather stagnant. It’s important to make sure you rid your pendulum of the unwanted energy before using it.

If you are an experienced witch, you can choose your favorite cleansing method. Moonbathing, sunbathing, and earthing are all good choices. However it’s important to be careful with water and salt as these can damage certain crystals and metals.

If you’re a baby witch and unsure what method to use, the safest cleansing method is to burn using cleansing herbs or resins. To get started, you’ll want to gather your materials. You may use an incense cone or stick, or some cleansing herbs like rosemary and lavender. Next, light your incense or hers and set your intention. Finally, hold your pendulum over it for a few minutes and allow the smoke to cleanse the energy.

Charge it with your own energy.

Now that you have a cleansed pendulum, it is time to introduce it to your energy. It’s important that it starts to replicate it so it can give you clear answers. Just as you would with a new friend, you and your pendulum should make an effort to get to know one another.

To do this, set your intention and rub it in your hands from time to time.

It is also advisable to carry it around in your pocket throughout the day, even when you are not planning to use it. Just by keeping it with you, your pendulum will get to know  you better.

witch pendulum in jar

You’ll continue to foster your relationship with your pendulum as your learn to calibrate it and being to understand how it communicates.

Learning a pendulum’s language: calibration 

As pointed out earlier, a pendulum shows answers through its patterns of movement. But, what does that mean?

Well, the way a pendulum can be interpreted varies from person to person and may even change from reading to reading. 

In order to understand your pendulum, you have to calibrate it. This means that you have to learn what patterns of movement it will use for each answer.

The first step for calibration is freeing your mind from everyday thoughts. Let it flow. Concentrate on what you are doing and do not anticipate answers from your pendulum.. Meditating beforehand is advisable but not required. It all depends on your experience and how you feel in the present moment.

When you are completely calm and focused, ask your pendulum to show you a “yes” and wait for it to move on its own. You can ask out loud or to just in your mind. Do whichever feels more natural to you.  

The first movements can be slight or barely there so it’s important to be observant.

Ask again, but this time, request a “no”.

Once your pendulum has shown you its movement patterns, memorize them.

It’s also helpful to ask for a “Maybe” or an “I don’t know.”

The first time you are using it, you can start asking simple questions to get used to it. For example, you can start with “is my dog’s name Billy?” or “is it sunny today?”.

It is important you calibrate your pendulum before every reading (or, at least, every so often). The movement patterns may change over time.

Formulate your questions correctly.

Remember pendulums on their own can only answer “yes” or “no” questions. However, you can formulate any query in a yes/no question format, if you get creative.

The key is to be extremely clear with your questions. Do not leave space for doubts or reformulations.

If the question is clear, your pendulum’s response will be accurate.

man using pendulum

It is important to keep in mind that, if you get an answer you do not like, you must not repeat the same question again and again. The only result you will get from this is mental turbulence. Your pendulum will recognize when your mental state is not clear and its responses will become confusing. The tool itself may also feel disrespected, or that it has to lie to you to finally let it rest.

When your pendulum is not working…

Sometimes, you might feel stuck during your readings. Either your pendulum is not moving at all, or it is erratic.

This might be due to different reasons. For example, you might have failed to memorize its yes/no patterns. Alternatively, you might be in a lower vibration or agitated state. Maybe, your surroundings are not allowing you to concentrate.

When you feel like this, remember your pendulum is only manifesting your intuition. Cleansing it might help. However, what it really demands a reset is your mind and soul. 

This incantation can work to get grounded and be present in the moment: “Calm Waters Of Your Mind, And The Universe And The Stars Will Be Reflected In Your Soul”.

Take your time to meditate or do something you enjoy to refocus. Relaxing helps you be open and receptive. A calm, open mind is the way to clear answers. Once you feel refocused, try again. 

witch girl using pendulum

If your journey feels slow or if you feel lost, remember that it is different for every person. Pendulum skills require patience and consistency. The more you practice, the stronger they will become.

If you need extra help along the way, you can always revisit this post!

Be persistent and, with time, your pendulum will turn into an everyday intuition tool that you can enjoy regularly.

Are you already looking around your house for a pointed crystal? We can’t wait to hear about your experience! Leave us some questions or more witchy tips in the comments!

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