4 Candle Magic Spells for Self-Love


Candles are one of the most iconic tools which people associate with witchcraft. They’ve been used as a way to symbolize fire. With candles, humans can manage the energy of the element without needing to light a bonfire. And it’s due to their limitless possibilities that we use them in our rituals. 

There’s no need for you to have colored candles, white ones were the only ones they had back then. But it’s true that using color might help you picture your goal and embody the energy needed to achieve it, thus enhancing your spell.

In a previous article, you can find some ideas on how to design your own Love spell. However, in this post, you will only find some ideas on how to make candles for Self-Love. When it comes to love spells, even Self-Love, you need to be careful. You need to be specific with your intention. And as you’re going to work with fire, please try to first cool your energies to avoid any possible backfire.

Remember that magic is a tool to make things easier, but it’s up to you to take action and make changes. If you’re feeling like witchcraft is not enough, therapy is a great choice to take care of your mental health. Remember that a healthy mind will help you in your practice.

As candles are a representation of fire, you need to be careful when using them in your ritual. Fire is an unpredictable element. and Mixing fire with love can be a recipe for disaster. No need to worry! In this post, you will find some tips to prevent all sorts of incidents. It never hurts to be respectful when dealing with such ancient energies as the elements.

Fire represents change. It turns everything into ashes. After it has consumed the obstacles in your way, you’ll have a smooth path to achieve your goal. It’s also a sign for your guides and deities, as smoke or light, that you are calling them into action. 


Fire is related to purification as well. You can use this element to soften your shadow self so you can better deal with them. You would need this information in hand to design your own spell.

Safety comes first. So here you have some tips to take into consideration when using fire. If you plan on lighting a candle you must keep an eye on it. Please, light it away from any ignitable element such as alcohol, aerosol sprays, nail polish bottles, mattresses, and oils. As candles burn, they release gasses such as carbon monoxide. Make sure that the space you are burning your candles in is not too confined and has good airflow.

Pink Candle Spells


When talking about love, you can use pink to attract pure and wholesome energies. A simple candle spell with a clean candle, intention, and nothing else, is powerful. There's nothing wrong with long rituals, though. However, many times, all you need is a candle to set your intention and achieve your goal.

Nonetheless, I'd recommend using an incantation or prayer to enhance your spell. You can write it down on white or pink paper and burn it with fire from the candle. 

Spells with three candles

If you feel like a single candle won't do, you can add two candles to your ritual. Place the candles in a triangle shape to enhance the ritual. They symbolize the Holy power of three. There are many deities related to this holy trinity. If you need more information on triangles, check our post Witchcraft Symbols for Daily Use. Actually, you can use any other form if you set a different goal. Triangles are bulletproof due to their meaning. 


From the time you light the candles, bear in mind the intention you’re giving to them. It’s much better if you can say the intention out loud. Just a whisper or a mutter is enough. There are some witches that chant incantations or write a small poem to fix the words into the ritual.

Enlighten your Inner Desires

Candles you'll need: 2 Pink candles and 1 Red candle

This is a spell to ignite passion when you’re feeling there’s no spark in your daily life. Whether you feel flat or that you can’t quite achieve your own pleasure, try this spell with three candles.


You can place them around yourself and use the whole room to meditate while performing the spell. Make sure to have snacks and something to do as time goes by. First, you’ll need to place a red candle opposite you (on top), and then two pink ones on both of your nearest sides. The pink candles represent sacred and pure love, and the red one is to invoke lust and passion. It’s important to note that lust is not only about sex. Many witches understand passion as the fuel of life, the spark to ignite your will.

Peaceful Self-Love

Candles you'll need: 1 Pink candle, 1 Purple candle, 1 White candle

This triangle is perfect for hard times. Place the white candle on top, and then the pink one on your passive side and purple on your active one. This has to do with your dominant side. Some practitioners may use the left side as passive and right as active, and vice versa. White brings peace into your life. It can be understood as hope or a trustworthy entity. Purple invites the changes you need to calm the thorny situations you might be going through.

You can make your own combinations. Remember it’s your practice. If you can’t find any fitting design, it’s okay to do yours. Trust your gut and the insight you gain from your guides.

Scented Candles in your Self-Care Routine


Daily life witchcraft is something we all should be encouraging. It’s simple, effective and you can get creative on how to sprinkle some magic in your everyday routine. To give it a try, you can do this sacred Self-Love ritual. Here’s a simple suggestion on how to perform a Skin-Care spell.

For ritual baths, you need to check your main ingredients. In this case, you’ll be using:

  • Lukewarm water inside a bowl
  • Red and pink roses petals
  • Rosehip oil
  • A Jasmine scented candle

Before the ritual, test the rosehip oil for allergies by placing a single drop on your wrist and observing if there are any reactions.

Roses famously represent romance and passion. Pink roses are specially for romance, and red roses are for passion. In this case, we’re using both to represent an offering to the Divinity and your Higher Self. Rosehip oil also has great skin healing properties. This ingredient was used in ancient medicine to treat skin issues. And finally, Jasmine is a flower used for pure love. Its soft yet distinguished scent is used to connect with the inner self.

It’s better to perform this ritual after taking a bath. However, just washing your face before will do if you’re pressed for time as you’ll need to have your skin clean.

  1. First, light a scented candle and place it on a safe place near the tub.
  2. Add the petals to the bowl and then some hot water. 
  3. Look at the candle flame and take some time to connect with its flame. Ask for your inner beauty to shine as bright and warm as that light.
  4. Sit over the bowl covering your head with a towel to create a small tent. Stay there no longer than 5 minutes. Allow the steam to open your pores. Then, gently pat your face with a clean towel to dry it. (Make sure the towel is far enough away from the candle to prevent fires)
  5. Finally, apply a few drops of rosehip oil and massage your face. Take some time for grounding. Enjoy the scent of Jasmine. Once you’re done, put out the fire and stay in the room and sacred space you’ve created for a little while.

Fire can be the most frightening element to work with. It is dangerous, indeed. However, there’s no need to fear it if you use it with care. Be responsible with your practice, but don’t forget to enjoy what you’re doing.

Do you have your own Self-Love ritual? Let us know in the comment!

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