Signs Hecate is Reaching Out

signs hecate is reaching out

Are you looking into working with a deity? Do you feel particularly drawn to Hecate's figure? If you are approaching a big breakthrough, she might be calling you.

Get to know Hecate

Hecate is one of the lesser-known Greek goddesses. The abilities attributed to her in Greek mythology are many, and they are mysterious. That is why, even nowadays, some myths around her present her as an evil goddess. Certainly, some of her powers and characteristics can be associated with the Underworld. However, some of her domains undoubtedly belong to the realm of life. She has extensive powers and many divine duties. She is considered to be the goddess of the night, light, childbirth, ghosts, necromancy, and the moon. Today, we know her mainly for being the goddess of magic and witchcraft.

According to mythology, her divine duties include ushering souls from the physical world to the underworld and vice-versa. She is, therefore, a liminal goddess. As such, she was given the title of goddess of gateways and borders. In this aspect, those “in-between” spaces are under her domain. She is also called the goddess of crossroads. To represent this, she is frequently represented as a triple goddess. For example, she is most commonly seen as a triple feminine figure, or as a woman holding a three-headed dog.

Hecate’s calling

Hecate is known to call people even when, more often than not, some witches are afraid of working with her. she may call you despite you knowing very little about her -or even if you do not know her at all. This goddess tends to be persistent and does not care about the resistance or inexperience of those she wants to call.

As we know, Hecate’s domains include crossroads. Not unexpectedly, she often calls people who are going through major life changes. This is why she is believed to call pregnant and dying people predominantly. She also likes calling young witches, as she likes to teach her craft using old-school methods. This is, of course, not true for everyone. You might be invited to work with her at any age.

young witch for hecate

However, if you are standing at any kind of turning point, she might lend a hand to help you. It might come across as an inconvenient time to embark on something new. But she will empower you to burn bridges leading back to those things that no longer serve you.

This is a deep, internal process. When something inside you starts breaking, her power seeps through the cracks and starts lighting up your soul. But Hecate is loud about what she wants. The work might be inward, but she will not leave room for doubt. If she wants to call you, you will notice subtle, yet unmistakable signs from her. You just have to pay attention. 

6 signs Hecate is trying to get your attention

  1. Black dogs

Dogs are sacred to Hecate. They are her animal companion and she is frequently depicted with one. Repeatedly coming across large, black dogs can be a signal from her. However, this sign can manifest in different ways. For example, you might hear dogs howling or barking a bit too frequently. If these sounds seem to come out of nowhere, they might be her hounds calling you.

black dog for hecate

  1. Keys

Hecate is the goddess of gateways, and keys are one of her symbols. Of course, we handle keys on a daily basis. But if you unexpectedly come across keys while running errands, or find a long-lost bunch of keys, it might be a sign.

  1. Torches

In most representations, Hecate is holding torches. This is related to her soul-guiding and gate-keeping duties. Unlike keys, torches are not frequently seen in our daily life, so spotting one without actively seeking it could be a sign.

black dog for hecate

  1. The number 3

Hecate is often represented as a triple female figure. This is the representation of crossroads, one of her domains. In Greek mythology, she is also connected to the three realms of the Cosmos: earth, sea, and sky. Therefore, 3 is a sacred number when it comes to Hecate. If you notice it around you often, take note. It could be a message from this goddess.

  1. Crossroads

Hecate will likely call you when you are standing at a crossroads. But not only metaphorically! If you have a strange experience while standing at a crossroads, especially in a forest, pay attention. A symbol, a vision, a channeled message… that could be her calling.

black dog for hecate

  1. Symbols

Sometimes, the calling is even more obvious. If straightforward symbols, like Hecate’s wheel or triple moon imagery, appear around you repeatedly, she might be trying to call you.

What to do when you are called by Hecate

Receiving these signs from Hecate herself might be overwhelming. Maybe you sense that she’s trying to get through, but you are not completely sure. That is normal, especially if you have never worked with deities before.

At this point, being open to signs is more effective than actively looking for them. If you suspect that Hecate wants to work with you, taking notes might be useful. Keeping a detailed log of these signs will make them tangible and can help you understand them better. Write down if they are present in dreams or real life. Mention every symbol you notice. If you have a vision, jot down any other elements present. If you are undergoing any kind of change in your life, explain that, too.

Of course, it is difficult to discern what is really a sign. However, this is when faith comes into play. Remember that Hecate works from the inside out. If you have an unexplainable gut feeling, you are most probably correct. Trust her guidance and she will show you the right direction.

First steps working with Hecate

If you are ready to start working with Hecate, you can start small and work up progressively. Here are some ideas to start your journey.

  1. Include her in your altar

Having her picture on your altar or lighting a candle for her is a good place to start. You can add elements as your confidence grows.

  1. Work with Moon cycles

You can start by cleaning your home during a Full Moon as a cleansing ritual. Make sure to intention your actions.

moon phases for hecate

  1. Help animals

Hecate is deeply related to Nature and animals in general. Even when she is mostly seen around dogs, other animals like snakes and polecats (similar to ferrets) are also included among her symbols. Working in your local shelter or with strays is a nice way to connect with her.

  1. Take care of your plants

This is a rather easy way to start understanding Hecate’s work. She is an herbalist and honors medicinal herbs and plants in her craft. Learning to work with these elements can take long study sessions. However, bonding with your houseplants is an easy starting point.

plants for hecate

  1. Do shadow work

Hecate is the connection between light and darkness. She walks in life, death, and anything in between. Working with your shadow will spark a close connection between you and this wise, mysterious goddess.

  1. Practice green witchcraft

Devote time to including herbs and elements from Nature in your practice. Not only will you feel closer to Hecate. You will also learn a new craft.

plants for hecate


Have you received Hecate’s calling? What were your signs? Share your experience with the community in the comments!


  • Miya

    Visited by two beautiful black dogs the other day on my walk as I have been wavering about decisions with work and school 🖤

  • Kelsi

    I feel like she has been calling me for a while. All these I’m listing happened within this year. At first I saw her on tiktok and in every video it mentioned her. I thought it was just thr algorithm at first, but then I found a bunch of old keys I had found when I was younger and saved, I was in a hike and a black dog named Luna appeared out of nowhere, my bff gave my a dog since she got one (they are littermate) they are both Dalmatian mix. While hers looks like a Dalmatian mine is almost fully black! Last week I was at a party and had a weird feeling. Ali of a sudden my right ear started ringing high and loud. Normally my left ear rings then stops when I acknowledge it, but the ringing wouldn’t stop till I decided to leave. Lastly I was on a walk in thr woods with my dog and saw something shiny so I picked it up. It’s a tiny gold pin that is a heart shape with an arrow through it but have 3 letter “H”s on it. After reading this article and a few others I’ve decided to finally stop putting it off and looking more into starting witchcraft. As a child I wanted to learn herbalism but never perused it or other things that are related to her!

  • Maximus

    visited by a black crow on Friday morning . And by a black dog on a dream premonition spot on tuesday . And been seeing dogs on most places I been to today.

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