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As you walk through your spiritual journey, you may find that you want to work with spirits to seek guidance or assistance from them. Alternatively, spirits may see the potential in you and will try to reach out to let you know that they’re interested. The difficult part is to identify which deity is calling you, especially when many of them share similar traits, symbols, and imagery. Some deities such as Venus and Aphrodite, have different names depending on the pantheon you’re looking at. You can find more information on this on our How Do I Know If A Deity Is Calling Me? post.

In this particular post, you’ll find a guide on how to tell if the Spring Goddess and Queen of the Underworld Persephone wants to work with you. 

For starters, feeling drawn to any spirit is usually the most typical sign of them trying to reach out, especially if this feeling comes all of a sudden. This sensation can manifest as a sense of closeness towards the deity, or a desire to connect and learn more about them. Another common sign is showing up in your dreams or meditations or astral projection. You may see Persephone as a beautiful young woman or even hear her voice. If that’s the case, write down whatever piece of information you recall in your grimoire or journal. Pay attention to the way in which she presents herself before you, not every spirit shows their humanoid form. Some may appear in their animal form, as a voice or a smell. 


Associations with Persephone

Associations with Persephone include wild flowers, mint, citrus or floral smell,  pomegranates, parsley, sweetgrass, daisies, narcissus, lavender, willow and black poplar trees, almonds, vanilla, bats, rams, parrots, monkeys and bees, a horse harness, and the Virgo constellation, which depicts a young maiden holding a stalk of wheat. Most of her correspondences are related to her mythology or her fertile and Spring-related essence. For instance, the goddess is known for turning her river-nymph rival Minthe (also known as Hades’ ex-lover), into a mint plant out of jealousy and anger. Another example is that Pomegranates are representative of her time in the Underworld, where she ate the six pomegranate seeds, which later lead to her being bound to the Kingdom of The Dead for half of the year.

Some of Persephone’s iconography may be associated with other deities, and even so they are extremely useful, because they help validate that it’s her. For example, the wheat and the horse harness are in correspondence with her mother, Demeter, whereas narcissus and dogs are related to Hades, her husband.


How do I confirm it’s Persephone? 

When you become aware of the signs you’ve been receiving, the first thing you should do is research the deity or deities you think are trying to contact you. You can start off by reading myths about these spirits and see which elements in them match the signs you’ve received. As I’ve mentioned above, usually most of the correspondences have to do with elements of a specific myth. That’s why reading about the deity can clear out your questions.

Furthermore, if you’re still not 100% sure which deity you’re dealing with, you can consult other sources: a medium or an Akashic Records specialist, for example. You can ask a Tarot reader (or do the reading yourself if you have the knowledge) to do a deity-confirmation spread, in which one of the cards represents the spirit. In the case of Persephone, The Empress is the card that represents her ―alternatively, The High Priestess and The Hermit are also associated with this Goddess. Given that some cards, such as The High Priestess, can be attributed to other entities ―this is also Hekate’s card― you can ask further questions that symbolize her myth or her essence. If you’re keen on meditation or astral projection, you can try meeting her in the astral plane and ask yourself directly.

How are these signs received?

There are many ways in which a deity can communicate: through your clair senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairgustance, and clairalience), dreams, Tarot and oracle cards, scrying, pendulum, music, and even other people. That’s why you have to pay close attention to what you perceive. because quite frankly, anything could be a sign. Even seeing a lot of content about Persephone or her attributes on social media can mean she’s trying to reach out to you. If she wants to work with you, you can expect vehemence on her side. So, it is safe to say that you can’t and won’t miss her signs. 

How to start working with Persephone? 

As humans we often wonder why such a divine being would want to contact us and not the other way round. Well, to begin with, powerful spirits like gods and goddesses see your potential and believe they can mentor you to achieve your highest potential and become more attune with the Universe. 

Persephone’s more likely to reach out to widows (or widowers), as she favors them. If you work with Hades, then you can certainly expect her to try to work with you too, as they are some kind of package deal. You can’t have one without the other, which is great, because you’ll learn about balance and opposite forces (life and death.) 

This goddess can help you find true long-lasting love, get pregnant, enhance your beauty, get through your grief, work hard, and stand up for yourself.  She’s a fearless spirit, so you can expect merging with her empowering self-sufficient personality.


What are offerings for Persephone?

If you decide to establish a working relationship with her and you start asking her for favors, bear in mind that you’ll have to give her something in return. Remember that working with any deity is a mutual agreement. You can do beauty or self-love rituals in her honor, take care of your garden, write her a poem or a song, place the items she’s associated with in her altar (or imagery of them, if you don’t have access to them): pomegranates, mint, flowers, perfume, candles (preferably spring colors, like pink, yellow, purple, and green), pink tourmaline, jasper, obsidian, and black onyx. You can also ask her what she would prefer to have as payment for her favor.

What should I be careful about?

If you decide to work with her, make sure that you place her altar close to other spirits she gets along with, such as Demeter, Hades, Dyonisus, Orpheus, Hekate, Artemis, and Athena; and as far as possible from spirits she had feuds with, like Aphrodite and Minthe. As with any other deity, keep in mind that she’s not human. She’s a goddess and a queen, so you should treat her as such, with respect and devotion. Even if she wants to mentor and assist you, that doesn’t mean she’s your friend or equal. According to Greek mythology, Persephone’s said to be more severe than Hades, which is more than enough reason to be careful not to offend her. As long as you treat her with kindness and respect, you can be sure she’ll return the sentiment.

Identifying a spirit is not a simple task and it shouldn’t be taken carelessly. Don’t rush yourself into believing anything you perceive straight away, as there can be lesser entities posing as deities to trick humans, which can be dangerous. These fake deities feed on your energy and will leave you feeling lethargic and moody. Moreover, as I mentioned earlier in this post, spirits can share similarities and can be mixed up. For instance, last year, I was almost certain I was receiving signs from Persephone: I had bees coming into my apartment every once a week, I kept smelling a citrus scent, visions of flowers would show up constantly while I meditated…And I believed it was her because, apart  from receiving all the signs that corresponded to her, I was (still am) fascinated by her, so I truly wanted it to be her. In the end, I seeked the help of a specialist who did a deity-confirmation reading and told me that who I thought was Persephone, in fact, was Ostara, the Celtic Goddess of Spring. As a final disclaimer, don’t forget your protection when dealing with entities. 

What other deities do you want us to write about? Let us know in the comments!


  • SpellCloth

    @Emma – That’s beautiful! I think you may have found a serious connection. You may want to reach out to a more experienced witch and get a reading to help identify if Persephone is reaching out. Another quick thing you can do is check our other blog post to see if all the connections line up:

    May great things come your way!

  • Emma

    ever since the 4th grade i believe somthing drew me to the hades and persephone tale in the library. it was an imediate infatuation with her and her story as i got older i dove more into her story and felt strong ways about how she is a force to be reckoned with and not some dainty princess not to mention an unatural rage at interpretations that pose hades as the villan. recently as my mother and i have delt into rituals and tarot more religously i even started to dress myself to the seasons and in accordance to what i believe reflecyed persephone, it made me feel close to her . a few days ago i got the urge to built an alter but i felt little to no compulsion to buy anything other than a rose quarts figure, oil specific to her some small crystals and two candles, everything else is things i already had such as crystals. garnet. honey. flowers. and bat shaped items. whrn i completed it i felt this childlike joy fill my chest. did i follow the signs correctly and do you think its really her? (yes i do have a candle for hades im not rude)
    sorry for the long comment 0_0

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