5 Signs You're a Witch

signs youre a witch

Have you ever thought about that special connection you hold with the moon? Or maybe you wonder why you trust that black Tourmaline you carry in your pocket wherever you go so much. You have definitely thought there’s something else beyond your intuition. Your thoughts were in the right place because, in your everyday life, there’s probably more than one sign you’re a witch. And you’ve hit the right article if confirmation is what you were looking for. Keep reading and tell us if any of these signs apply to you.

 Before getting into how to identify signs you’re a witch, you need to know that witches have always existed and they are everywhere. Witches come in all shapes and forms and that somehow means anyone can be or become a witch. This is, ultimately, a matter of self-identification. Being a witch is nothing but finding your inner power, being connected to the cosmos and using energy in your favor, and why not others’ too. However, being a witch is not a given, not everyone is one. But everyone can make the choice to connect with and harness their inner powers in order to make a tangible change in their lives.

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The thing about starting the journey of identifying as a witch is that, once you start paying attention, you’ll see that everything comes from within you. In this journey, you’ll realize that true magic is deeply linked to your spirit, to your potential and your natural and innate abilities. In order to be fully open to the experience of connecting with your inner witch, you need to get rid of misconceptions and taboos that have always threatened the world of witchcraft. Besides, you need to understand that those misconceptions are born from fear, from ignorance, and from an explicit desire of some groups to limit the power within ourselves. You need to get rid of those ideas that may have been implanted in you.

Now, if you’re reading this article, you have probably started thinking that there’s something else going on with you, something you don’t fully understand, but you want to. This is your first step to identifying as a witch. In this sense, remember this is a self-awareness journey and you can resort to books and other witches’ experience to continue learning. So, what are those signs you’re a witch that you could be experiencing?

You Love Nature and Feel Deeply Connected to Natural Elements

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There are two things to say about this. You might think that everyone loves nature, but this is not the case. And even if it was, the connection you surely have with it is a bit different. You don’t just love nature, you honor it. You don’t only know its processes, you are attuned with them. Seasons do not go by, you live and change with them. Witches have a deep connection to nature and understand that the whole universe and cosmos are filled with energy. Everything living on this planet is unique and the energy they bring to it is special. This is why your level of awareness is higher and that makes you think of the planet as a whole, as an entity worthy of protection. You seek harmony and peace through dialogue. You’re open to listening to what Mother Nature has to say and have the ability to understand it and act on that awareness.

You Are Highly Aware of Your Energy and Others’

Has it ever happened to you that you got a message from someone you were just thinking or talking about? This has to do with energy. Energy is everywhere and, as a witch, you are fully aware of your own energy, you can know its pace and its cycles. You can learn how to use it in your favor to chart your own destiny, to protect yourself from harm and to attract what you want. But, in connection to the previous point, you know that the same way you’re filled with energy, everyone and everything is. And every pattern of energy is unique as well as connected to millions of other patterns. Until now, you have probably tapped into this infinite web of energetic patterns unpurposefully and you have experienced things you couldn’t fully explain, haven’t you?

You Are Highly Intuitive

intuition in witchcraft

Emphasis on ‘highly’, note that everyone has intuition as a resort to survival. The thing about intuition is that it helps you heighten all your senses and it represents this sixth sense that you can go to for answers. Has it ever happened to you that you made a call purely based on a hunch and things turned out even better than you were expecting? This is because you followed that sense that does not rely on logic but which, at the same time, makes perfect sense. Being intuitive is natural, what you have to do is pay more attention to it. Trust your gut, listen to that voice that tells you to follow certain courses of action and focus on the consequences. You’ll be surprised.

You Use the Law of Attraction

You surely know this concept and, most probably, you have made use of it more than once, right? The law of attraction brings to life images that you first create in your mind and believe to be completely true. This use of energy to attract things is as old as witchcraft itself and it can be used for both right or wrong. That is, if you believe certain negative aspects of life are true, they will be true, you will experience them. At the same time, your awareness of energy and the power of intention gives you the ability to create the life you imagine. The real power is behind focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t want. It is understanding that energy itself won’t do a single thing, it’s the genuine intention to use that energy that will produce the changes you want to see. In this sense, it’s worth mentioning that the law of attraction is deeply connected to the use of spells.

You Have Gemstones and Crystals

witchcraft crystals

Maybe you are still not fully aware of how powerful they can be, you don’t fully follow the rituals behind cleasings and using them, but you probably have some and you believe in their potential. You’re going in the right direction. Note that crystals and gemstones are natural elements, they are provided by Mother Nature and, regardless of how priceful they can be, they are highly valuable as they have unique qualities when it comes to spell working. There is a wide variety of stones and they all have different and unique powers. Stones can be used in specific ways for casting spells and healing. In general, crystals and gemstones are a great source of energy balance, they are a great companion for meditating and they are the perfect element for channeling your powers.

 Remember that identifying as a witch does not only depend on casting spells or actively using magic. Being a witch has to do with how aware you are of the energy surrounding you and others, how receptive you are to the magic within you and the limitless power this world has to offer. Being a witch ultimately has to do with knowing how powerful you and the environment can be and using that power to make this reality a better one or at least having the intention to do so.

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  • Kaye

    Thank you! I’ve always known there was something different about me, but was never allowed the free reign to connect with what I am; a witch! Now that I understand, I am excited and eager to learn about what all ican do and fine tune my abilities! Thank you for being here and your inspiration… 💚🌙

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