What is Water Magic?

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What is Water Magic?

You’ve probably heard about green magic, a practice that works with herbs and crystals, but what about blue magic or water witchcraft? Blue Magic practitioners, or water witches, base many of their practices on the Element of Water. Where another practitioner may light a candle or draw a sigil to cast a spell, Water witches include water. For Example, they will do something like preparing a spray or having a ritual bath. 

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What type of water is used in magic?

Water witches generally live as close as they can to a body of water. They pay frequent visits to this body of water, clean up trash around the shore, and empathize with its pain if the waters are polluted. They give it offerings and libations. Afterwards, they extract some of the water with its permission to use in their practice. Of course, chances are this water isn’t safe to drink. The water witch may offer this water to her Deities on her altar or make auric sprays out of it. Different types of water have different uses, and the water witch may travel to collect these types of water and use them according to her needs. For example, the ocean is all about the mysterious and the unknown, so the water witch may have a jar of ocean water close to her when she does Divination. On the other hand, well water allows her to have a more fluid communication with spirits in the Otherworld. She could use it for ancestor work. Pond water, meanwhile, is used to relax and create new opportunities. Finally, storm water is very powerful and can be used to boost spells, and also for protection and willpower. It also has potential for hexing.

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What types of spells use water?

Water witches make sure to include the Element of Water in their Divination practice as well. This can be as simple as paying special attention to the already existing water symbols in Tarot decks. It can also be as complex as developing their own Divination system to interpret their seashell collection. A lot of existing methods, such as reading tea leaves or dropping some wax in a glass of water for scrying rely on the power of water. Other water witches make Rune sets out of seashells by painting runic symbols on a set of uniform shells. 

As we have already mentioned, water witches can make their baths and showers magical when they need to. They also make mundane activities such as doing the dishes or cleaning the floor magical. This is because they both involve the element of Water. They pour a pinch of sea salt and a few drops of lemon essential oil in the bath for a protective bath. They may also place some cinnamon sticks, orange essential oil, and leaves of peppermint for attracting abundance. 

When it comes to manifesting, for a water witch, a bottle of water may be all they need. Water can absorb the energy around it, after all. That’s why making Moon, Sun, or Crystal Water is all possible. A water witch may recite her affirmations to a bottle or glass of water, and then drink them as a way to internalize them. Brewing tea or coffee may also be a magical activity in which the elements of Earth and Water meet with an intention.  

Water Magic Altars

Water witches make sure to include the element of water in their Altars. Of course, the balance of the four elements is still important. Water can combine with other elements to form different mixtures, such as mud or steam. The water witch typically has a dedicated vessel for placing water from different sources onto their Altar. They may also have a fountain. Fountains attract high vibrational energy to their magical workplace. They may keep their seashell collection there, as well as things like sand or sea salt. If the Altar is entirely dedicated to the element, they have it face West and place a blue cloth as the base. They may work with water related Deities like Aphrodite, Brigid, or Osiris. 

Want to give Blue Magic a try? Here are a few beginner friendly spells. 

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Blue Banishing and Cleansing Spell

What you’ll need:

This spell is especially effective when the Moon is in Aries and Scorpio, however you can cast this spell whenever you need it.

  1. Collect stormwater in mason jars and save them for this spell. They’ll be good for about a month before starting to develop bacteria. If you want it to last for longer, you can store them with 60% vodka or apple cider vinegar to 40% stormwater. 
  2. Cleanse the blue candle with tap water. Pat it with a paper towel from the bottom to the top to get rid of the excess of water. 
  3. Carve your name and date of birth on the candle using the back of a match.
  4. Put a somewhat large amount of olive oil on your wrist and rub the oil with your fingers against your skin. This will make the oil pick up on your current energy.
  5. Drop some of the oil inside the bowl of water and use it for scrying. This is great when you suspect you’ve been hexed, for example. Does the oil look clean on the water or does it get messy or cloudy?
  6. Use the rest of the oil from your wrist for the candle by applying it from the bottom of the candle to the top. Place the sea salt on a glass plate and roll the candle in it. Make sure not too much salt sticks to it so it doesn’t become a fire hazard.
  7. Now, sprinkle some of the stormwater while you say “May whatever negative energy that is present in my aura or my space be forever banished.”
  8. Light a match and expose the bottom of the candle to the flame so it melts a bit. Then, place it securely on your candle holder.
  9. Light the candle and snap your fingers three times to activate the spell.
  10. Once the candle burns out, sprinkle some of the stormwater on yourself and say “I am free from outside negative influences.”  

A bath for abundance and wealth

What you’ll need:

  • Depending on which smell you like best or any existing allergies, powdered ginger or cinnamon 
  • Clear Quartz piece
  • Peppermint leaves
  • Sea salt
  • Orange essential oil
  • A shower scrub or loofah

This spell is most effective when the moon is in Taurus and Cancer, but you can cast it whenever you need it.

  1. Cleanse and purify your bathtub and your bath plug.
  2. Put in the bath plug and start to draw a bath with sea salt as the base. Once the bath is drawn to your liking, sprinkle in the ginger or cinnamon, add the Peppermint and seven to eleven drops of orange essential oil. Then, add in the Clear Quartz piece.
  3. Get into the bath and start washing your upper body. While you do so, imagine wealth coming your way. 
  4. Once you are done with the bath, get dressed and remove anything that may get stuck down the drain, such as the Peppermint leaves.
  5. Cast this spell as needed, but especially in times where you may be feeling low on wealth and prosperity.

Have you ever tried a water magic spell? How did it go? What’s your relationship with the element of Water? Tell us in the comments!

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