Witchy Clothing: What Is It and How Can It Help?

witchy clothing and color magic

It is not uncommon to think of witch clothing as that classic Halloween costume made of an irregular, long, black dress with a pointy hat and shoes with a golden buckle on top. Everyone pictures the same outfit and only one color: black. You probably had that exact same image pop into your head too. There is something about this specific witchy dress code that makes everyone think about dark magic. But the truth is that this imagery is nothing but part of an everlasting myth.

pink color magic witch

On the one hand and needless to say, not all magic is dark magic. On the other hand, what is true is that witches have a particular and defined aesthetic that has nothing to do with the classic witchy outfit we see in movies. That aesthetic has, of course, changed together with the world itself. In fact, not all modern witches go around dressed in total black outfits. And if they do, that has little to do with the kind of magic they practice. Instead, the choice of fabric or color usually has to do with which kind of feeling or power one wants to harness.

Color Magic

Let’s talk about colors and witchy clothing. So far in your life, you may have already noticed that different moods match different colors and you don’t feel like wearing the same colors every day (ok…well you might). Depending on your experiences, you may even associate a particular color with a particular scenario and there is a reason why that happens. Taking advantage of the natural energy within colors is not exclusive to witches, but once you’ve started learning about it, you’ll find a way to make the most out of it.

color palette

Colors themselves are nothing but that, colors. But, if we add intention to them, a simple thing such as a shade can become a complex source of energy. Again, even though we’ll be focusing on clothing, color magic is something you can use everywhere to create different energies in different scenarios.

Back to witchy clothing, there is a tendency to think that black is the most representative color of magic and the world of witchcraft. However, thinking that black is the only color witches could wear and use immediately discards the thought that colors can be influential in more than one way. In this sense, colors can be an effective and helpful tool when practicing magic.

When you come to think about it, consciously choosing to wear a particular color is not so far from choosing to wear that good-luck sweater you hang in your closet for when you need to boost your self-confidence. In order to make purposeful choices, you need to know what they really mean and, specifically, how they can help you.

Witchy Makeup and More

It is worth mentioning that the color theory is not only applicable to clothing. Color can surround your magical practice in more than one way. For example, color magic is highly used when manifesting things with candles. Moreover, if you’re a makeup fan, you might want to start paying attention to which eye palettes and lipsticks you choose to wear.

eye shadow color magic

Another important point to make is that colors and meanings can be something of a universal concept. For example, witches may agree on the fact that yellow represents happiness. But color is nothing without a person directly interacting with it. This means that, even though happiness might be associated with a particular color, you may find it a better match to something different, or maybe a shade of that same feeling. Different people, different colors, different intentions give different meanings as a result.

 Now, let’s get into the colors themselves. Once you’re done, tell us which color is your favorite and why. And, of course, feel free to experiment and find how each color works on you and your inner powers.


yellow color magic

This color is typically associated with the sun, which is a life giver. Remember witchcraft is highly connected to natural elements and magic color is no exception in this case. Yellow is great for when you’re feeling down and you need that shot of joy in your life or during your practice. Since this color is connected to the sun and its ability to give life, this is great for casting spells connected to new beginnings. Not only joy, yellow can be associated with optimism and confidence, so it’s great for when you’re feeling low on self esteem.


As a color coming from yellow, it’s also a cheerful color and it’s associated with creativity as it stimulates our mind. It’s naturally warm and also reflects new beginnings, that is why success is another meaning behind it. It is great for releasing any block you might feel, for when you’re stuck and need that extra boost.


red color magic

The most classic meaning behind red is passion and sex. That is why it is great for working with love spells. Red is also the color of blood which is often associated with strength and courage. So, either by wearing a red dress for that special night you’ve been waiting for or by carrying red crystals with you, this color will help you boost passion and excitement in your life.


As a softer shade of red, pink is more often associated with love, rather than passion. And love can take many forms. Whether it is self-love or caring for others, pink represents kindness so it is a great ally for nurturing your relationships. Although it’s typically representative of females, pink actually stands for balance between the female and the male energy. It represents calmness and it’s great for working against violence.


purple color magic

This color is one of the most powerful ones as it represents intuition. Coming from blue and red, purple will help you get in touch with your spiritual side and the spiritual world. It stands for the inspiration and creativity that big changes require.


The color of the sky stands for peace. Blue is also the color of the sea, which can be quite cooling and refreshing. Whatever shade of blue you wear, it will help you feel at ease, calm, relaxed and chill. Wearing blue is great for when you want to heal and take things slow or for when you want to meditate as it will help you sooth your mind and body. Moreover, blue is great for when you want to show you’re blunt and you want to strengthen your communication skills.


green color magic

This color is most important as it represents the element Earth. Green represents growth, fertility, and abundance (think money). You can wear green for when you need that extra shot of good luck or you are after additional income as it is also connected to positive thinking.


Contrary to what many may think about this color, black is not a negative one. On the contrary, it represents the center of Earth, that area that is devoid of color. In this sense, it stands for protection and self-awareness. It is the color of defense and it gives us the opportunity to see inside ourselves and reflect upon that. You can wear black when you want to protect yourself from negative energies.


white color magic

This color is pure and, when doing magic, it can help you purify your mind and body. Clear as it is, it can help you lighten your mind in order to get rid of doubts. It is, of course, the color of peace and it is great for when you want to start creating new, better and kinder habits for yourself.

What colors do you resonate with most? Let us know if you recommend a specific color for certain spells.

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  • Naomi

    My colors are blue/green/ black, these are the ones that I mostly move to. But these last few years I seem to resonate with the color gray. I feel relaxed, comforted, and calm. Can you suggest a spell or two that might deal with the gray color and what that color means.

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