A Guide to Witchy Decor

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Welcome to the world of magic and intention – the world of witchy decor! Incorporating witchy or magical elements into your home decor has grown popular across many trending aesthetics, from the moody and sophisticated "dark academia" to the airy and free-spirited "boho." Whatever your style is, witchy decor can bring magic and intention into your living space and create a sanctuary that reflects you and your spirituality.

Whether you are a practicing witch, a spiritual seeker, or just someone who appreciates the beauty of the mystical and the natural, incorporating witchcraft into your decor will allow you to create a stunning and empowering home.

In this blog post, we will explore witchy decor and how to incorporate it into a range of home decor styles. We will offer tips on finding witchy decor, decorating with intention, choosing the right colors and textures, discovering budget-friendly options, and infusing the home with magic. Finally, we will describe how to incorporate seasonal elements into your witchy decor. Let's dive into the world of witchy decor!

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What is Witchy Decor?

At its core, witchy decor allows you to harness the energy of physical objects and use them to design a haven that is both sacred and soothing. It is a way to infuse your living space with magic and intention and to create a sanctuary for yourself and everyone you welcome into your home. Witchy decor includes an enormous range of elements, such as crystals, dried herbs, artwork, plants, altars, candles, bells, moon phases, tarot, and the zodiac; the list could go on indefinitely. 

Even before I was out of the proverbial 'broom closet,' I began using witchy elements in different aspects of my home decor; it is an organic way to manifest spirituality. In your living area, display crystals alongside your houseplants, attach prisms or bells underneath hanging houseplants, or if you don't have a houseplant, get yourself a pothos and put her in a bright area. Living things breathe magic into your home. Hang herbs to dry in your kitchen, invest in a spice rack and cute (but functional!) jars for your spices, or print and frame artwork with herbs or other plants. When you are outside, look for gnarly branches, pinecones, or rocks and use them in the seasonal decor on your mantel. Find a comfy blanket to drape on your couch or bed, hang wind chimes near your doorways, or use colored candles to invite specific energies into your space. 

Magic is just intention manifested in physical objects; as above, so below. Spend time thinking about what you intend for the space you are decorating; think about the feelings you want the room to evoke. Think about what type of energy you want to create for yourself and anyone else who enters. Research colors and their magic, but also allow your intuition to guide you on what colors and elements you want to include.

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Is Witchy Decor Expensive?

Incorporating witchy elements into your decor can stay within your budget. Gathering items gifted to you by nature (after asking permission and giving thanks) is the easiest and most budget-friendly way to begin. I have the best luck when I make an offering to the fae. You will be surprised at what beautiful things come into your path when you do this: feathers, stones, seashells, sea glass, sticks, moss, mistletoe, pine boughs, wildflowers, lichen, and ferns. When gathering from the wild, please gather ethically; don't disrupt the ecosystem or harm living plants. But as you collect with intention, you will intuitively know when something is meant for you. 

Estate sales and thrift stores are another budget-friendly way to find unique and magical items. Look for wooden bowls, hand-thrown ceramics, candles, votives, seashells, colored tablecloths for your altar, artwork, frames to repurpose, hardcover books in different colors, apothecary jars, silver chalices, candlesticks, wooden boxes, baskets, mirrors, or anything that draws you to it. You will find some of the most unique and inspiring items when you take the time to shop second-hand.

The changing seasons are an opportunity to infuse your home with seasonal magic and energy. Incorporating seasonal elements into home decor reflects the natural rhythms of the earth. Here are some ideas for creating a witchy home for each season.

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Witchy Decor for Fall

As the leaves begin to change and the weather turns cooler, I use autumnal colors and other natural elements in my decor. This might include creating a Fall altar with pumpkins, gourds, and dried leaves or filling my home with the scent of cinnamon and other warm spices. I sometimes hang autumn-themed wreaths or put our candles in deep shades of red, orange, and brown.

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Witchy Decor for Winter

I like to create a cozy atmosphere with warm lighting and cozy textiles during the winter months. It could include hanging string lights or fairy lights or having a reading nook with lots of pillows and blankets. Decorate with evergreen boughs, pine cones, and other winter foliage, and incorporate the scents of peppermint, pine, and citrus. Honor the winter solstice with a winter altar using candles, crystals, holly, and mistletoe.

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Witchy Decor for Spring

As the weather begins to warm and the flowers burst into bloom, infuse the energy of new growth and rebirth into your home decor. Decorate with fresh flowers, such as daffodils and tulips, and hang plant-themed art or tapestries. Find ways to use spring colors, such as greens and yellows, in your decor, make herb bundles, and hang them to dry to use as incense in the coming year. 

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Witchy Decor for Summer

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, invite the energy of abundance and joy into your home by decorating with blue and gold, using wall art focusing on the sun, or placing mirrors around your home to reflect the sunlight. Use natural elements such as sunflowers, seashells, driftwood, or antler shed on your altar or mantel, and fill your home with the scent of fresh-cut flowers like roses or lilies.

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You don’t have to be a witch to have a witchy aesthetic

Whether you're a lifelong pagan, a baby witch, or just looking to add a mystical flair to your living space, you will not regret incorporating more witchy decor into your home. Not only does it add an intriguing and unique aesthetic to your surroundings, but it also creates a sense of tranquility and inspiration.

Don't be afraid to embrace the dark and mystical elements that speak to your soul. Whether you want to create a space that honors the moon's power, pays homage to the earth, or adds a touch of the supernatural to your home, there's no time like the present to begin your journey into the world of witchy decor.

Let your inner witch shine and start exploring the world of spellbinding decor. From crystals to candles, tarot cards to cauldrons, and blankets to broomsticks, there's a world of magical treasures waiting to be discovered. Take the first step by adding a few small pieces to your home, and watch as your space transforms into a haven for all things mystical.

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