World Homeopathy Day: Homeopathy and its Connection to Spiritual Practices

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Every April 10th, we celebrate World Homeopathy Day. This is a way of paying tribute to Homeopathy and its contribution to the world of medicine. The reason why this day is observed is that we commemorate the birthday of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. He was born in 1755 and died in 1843. He is considered the founder of Homeopathy because he set the basis for this system of alternative medicine. In this article, we are going to explore Homeopathy and its relation to spiritual practices.

What is Homeopathy?

This alternative medicinal method was developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann. Disappointed with traditional medicine, he left his private practice in 1784. He believed that the medicine of his time was based on methods that were more detrimental to the patients than they were beneficial. After this, he earned his living as a writer and translator. Hahnemann translated one of William Cullen’s papers (another famous doctor at the time). While translating, Hanhemann had an epiphany which led him to come up with the principle of “like cures like”. This set the basis for Homeopathy in an essay published in 1807.

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Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine. It acts as a complement to traditional medicine, also called Western medicine. The most important belief in Homeopathy is that the body has the ability to cure itself. The body has an energy, the “vital force”, which promotes self-healing. From the perspective of homeopathic doctors, symptoms occur because the body is fighting the disease. These practitioners help their patients with natural substances. They include these substances in creams, tablets, gels, and many other concoctions. The substances used usually come from plants, animals, and minerals. Almost anything in the natural world can be a remedy in Homeopathy. 

There are three basic principles in Homeopathy. First of all, Homeopathic doctors believe in “like cures like”. This is the first principle, also called the law of similars. This consists in triggering the patient’s immune system. There are substances that, in a healthy person, can cause some symptoms. These symptoms are similar to those that the patient presents. Homeopathic doctors trigger the immune system  For example, it is a well-known fact that onions can make your eyes water. One of the symptoms of allergies is watering eyes. This is why, in Homeopathy, onions are used to treat allergies. 

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Homeopaths also believe that the medicine they create is more powerful when the natural substance is included in very low doses. The rest of the concoction is made up of alcohol, which is a way to boost the natural substance. Homeopathy considers that the more diluted a substance is, the better. This is the second principle of Homeopathy.

The third important principle of Homeopathy is that the illness or disease is considered to be specific to the individual. This is because this healing practice has a holistic approach to medicine. The homeopathic practitioner will ask you about your physical, emotional, and mental health. Then, they will try to prescribe what would work best for you. In this sense, homeopathic doctors are always concerned with your overall health. They pay attention to how the prescribed medication will suit your lifestyle.

This alternative practice believes that there are three levels in which Homeopathy works. The three levels are the spiritual level, the emotional level, and the physical level. If there is a blockage in the spiritual level, which is the deepest one, we will experience a negative emotion, such as anger or frustration. This is when the second level, the emotional one, comes into play. After experiencing these emotions for a long time, they affect the third level, which is the physical level. According to Homeopathy, this is how physical symptoms arise. 

Some of the illnesses and conditions that can be treated using Homeopathy are allergies, migraines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), rheumatoid arthritis, and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Homeopathy can also be used to treat minor issues such as headaches, bruises, nausea, and colds. 

It is well-documented that Homeopathy can also help with some mental health issues, such as depression. However, Homeopathy is not designed to be the only treatment for depression or other mental health problems. In this sense, homeopathic remedies are complementary to Western traditional medicine. We encourage you to always seek professional help when dealing with mental health issues. You should complement every method of alternative medicine with traditional medicine. The same can be said for life-threatening illnesses or in the case of an emergency.

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How is Homeopathy Related to Spiritual Practices?

As you may know, there were witch hunts in Europe and North America. Between the 15th and the 18th centuries, thousands of women were persecuted, tortured, and killed. They were all accused of being witches. Homeopathic doctors were also persecuted in the witch hunts. This was because people thought homeopathic doctors were witches, too. The truth is that Homeopathy is related to spiritual practices in many ways. 

First of all, Homeopathy is a type of energy work, because it helps align the energy of the body. In this way, this practice can restore balance in the body. Like other practices, Homeopathy also considers that there is a “vital force” within ourselves. This means that humans are a source of energy. This energy flows through our bodies. For Homeopathy, we are healthy when our energy is balanced. This is similar to what some spiritual practices believe. 

Homeopathy also believes that some of our spiritual blockages are there from before we are born. These blockages are in our vital energy and our cells. This belief is common in certain types of witchcraft too. For example, In certain situations, spiritual practitioners will recommend you to take a look at your family tree. The reason for this is that we can carry our ancestors’ wounds. This is similar to what Homeopathy proposes when looking at being born with spiritual blockages. 

We can also establish a relationship between Homeopathy and Green Witchcraft. This is because both of them work with natural elements. Herbal healing tends to only incorporate plants. Homeopathy and Green Witchcraft, on the other hand, work with all types of natural elements. At the same time, both practices consider that all living objects in the world have energy. Both practices use these different types of energy, but in a different way. Homeopathy incorporates this energy in its concoctions. Green Witchcraft employs this energy in spells. If you’d like to know more about Green Witchcraft, check out our post What is a Green Witch?.

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Homeopathy, like many other spiritual practices, is also linked to the power of our beliefs. In this sense, a person who is more open to change, self-awareness, and growth will heal more quickly. In other spiritual practices, such as manifestation, you need to have a specific mindset. The same is true for spells, as, according to Chaos Magick, the most important ingredient is intention. 

In summary, Homeopathy is a type of alternative medicine that is closely related to spiritual practices. This is because, like other types of witchcraft, it works with natural elements, energy, and intentions. Homeopathy can be very useful to achieve balance and heal spiritual, emotional, and physical ailments. However, it is important to use it as a complement to traditional medicine. If you have mental health issues, a life-threatening disease, or an emergency, talk to a medical doctor. 

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