Free Grimoire for Beginners

We're so excited you're here! We've been looking for someone to share all of our witchy tips with and you might be just the person we were looking for.

We created a complete Grimoire for Beginners which covers a ton of basics for aspiring witches or those who are looking to hone their craft.


Chapters Include...

  • First Steps in Witchcraft 
  • Is there a right and wrong way to practice?
  • A Witch's Toolkit
  • The Empowered Witch’s Altar
  • What is a spell and how to cast one?
  • Divination
  • Shadow Work
  • And More...

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The Grimoire covers a wide range of topics that are essential to Witchcraft. The book is targeted towards baby witches, but also provides inspiration for more experienced witches to revisit topics that they may be neglecting in their craft.

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