The Empowered Witch: A Grimoire for Beginners

The Empowered Witch: A Grimoire for Beginners

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Whether you're just starting out as a baby witch or you've been following the path for many moons, there is always more to learn about witchcraft.

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The Empowered Witch: A Grimoire for Beginners is mostly written by our Head Witch, Virginia, but we collaborated with a ton of amazing witches across the internet for feedback and input. This book represents a collective knowledge of witches who want to share and inspire others.


This grimoire is intended to reveal the many different arts of witchcraft in hopes that some may speak to you louder than the rest. We encourage you to use this text as a jumping off point so that you may dive deeper into the craft that most interests you.

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 We're honored to share our knowledge with you! Feel free to email us or message us on any social media. 🖤


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