7 Things a Baby Witch Shouldn’t Spend Money On

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If you are a beginner in witchcraft and spiritual practices, you might want to buy everything you can get your hands on. Social media and marketing campaigns also tell you that there are many things that you must buy when you start your path as a witch. You might be very excited and willing to buy any object that’s related to witchcraft. This feeling is valid and very normal. 

However, there are some things that aren’t worth the money if you’re a baby witch. This doesn’t mean that these objects are not necessary. In fact, many of them are very useful. Some of them might be crucial to some witches’ practices. The problem is that there are objects that you won’t need at the beginning. If you are a baby witch, avoid spending money on things that might not suit your practice. In general, our advice is to avoid buying stuff in excess. In particular, here are 7 things that are not necessary when you start practicing witchcraft. 

1. Lots of crystals

crystals for baby witches

Crystals are fascinating. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also very powerful. They are also very easy to get, as they are available in any spiritual store. If you are a baby witch, you might be tempted to buy as many crystals as you can. While I can see the appeal, it’s best to stick to one or two, especially when you’re beginning your practice. The two crystals that we recommend for baby witches are Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline. Clear Quartz is excellent for meditation and manifesting. This is because this crystal enhances mental clarity and amplifies psychic abilities. It can also help with emotional balance. Clear Quartz also helps channel all excess energy. All in all, it is a must-have for every baby witch. Black Tourmaline, on the other hand, is very effective for protection. It is an essential tool because it protects you and/or your home from negative energies. It also has grounding qualities, and it can enhance motivation. This crystal can also ground you and provide a peaceful and calm environment. Also, keep in mind that it’s always best to work with locally-sourced crystals. They are more eco-friendly, they tend to be cheaper, and by buying from local providers you contribute to the local economy.     

2. A wide array of herbs

Herbs, plants, spices, and flowers are crucial to several spells. However, avoid buying or obtaining many different herbs if you are a baby witch. While this is not a bad thing, you might end up having lots of herbs that you never use because you don’t know how to. Besides, some of them are used only in advanced spells. It is best to stick to a couple of herbs that are local to the area where you live. Previously, we have talked about 12 Non-Toxic Herbs for Witchcraft Beginners. Start small. Use the herbs that you already have in your kitchen cabinet. Some of the most useful herbs are Rosemary and Lavender. Salt is also a must-have – even though it’s not an herb. Rosemary can help you with focus and memory. It also has strong protective properties, and it is used in cleansing and purifying spells. As for Lavender, this herb promotes peace and harmony. It is a great aid when you want to sleep soundly. In addition, it provides protection and can be used in many spells. Lavender is an important ingredient in love spells and healing spells, among others. Finally, salt is crucial to every spiritual practice. It is excellent for protection and for cleansing spells. Like with crystals, locally-sourced herbs are always a great idea.

3. Candles of every possible color

candles for baby witches

If you have read our posts about color magic, you know that candles are a great tool. Candles of different colors are used for different purposes. Once you have acquired more practice, buying candles of different colors is a good idea. In the beginning, however, it’s a good idea to buy white candles. White candles provide protection and cleansing. They also enhance your psychic abilities. They are useful for many types of spells because of their amplifying properties. White candles are also a powerful tool for communicating with spirits. If you want, you can also use black candles. Black candles are amazing for protection. They can also be employed in cleansing spells as well. Once you get more experience and practice, you can start experimenting with candles of other colors.

4. New furniture for your altar

When setting up your altar, keep in mind you don’t need to buy anything new. Instead of buying a new table for your altar, try to find a piece of furniture that you already own. In fact, you can have your altar almost anywhere you want. Some people have theirs in their closets or on their bedside tables. Remember that, when setting up an altar, the important thing is to give it purpose and intention. The where or how it looks is secondary. Some people even have their altar in their bathroom! You do you. When setting up your altar, remember to take into account all aspects of the place you choose. For example, the steam from the shower might damage some objects, such as pictures. 

5. An expensive set of pentacle, wand, athame, and cup 

chalice for baby witches

We’ve all seen those beautiful and often pricy witchy sets. They include a pentacle, a wand, an athame, and a cup or chalice. They are certainly lovely, but they’re not always worth the money. This is especially true when you are a beginner. If you are a baby witch, it is a better idea to buy a pentacle pendant that you can wear for protection. You can carry it with you everywhere. However, the rest of the elements can be easily replaced with things that you already have at home. Instead of a cup or chalice, you can use a glass. Instead of an athame, you can use a knife you already own. Instead of a wand, you could use a pencil or a pen. I personally own a wand made of a stick I found at a local park. Remember to only use these elements as part of your practice. Don’t drink water in the glass you’ve designated for your witchcraft practice! The same applies to the knife and the wand. 

6. Books about many different topics

Our final advice, and one that I really struggled with at the beginning, is to avoid buying books in excess. Books are useful and they can help you learn a lot about the craft. In order to practice witchcraft, you need to be well-informed about everything you’re doing or about to do. In this sense, books are a powerful tool. However, buying too many books about several different topics is a no-no. You will spend a lot of money on books that you won’t read immediately. You might even buy a book only to later realize that it’s about a type of practice that you don’t want to do. It is better to do research online before buying a book. Then, when you finally purchase one, verify that it’s introductory and suitable for baby witches. If you choose the right book, the information won’t overwhelm you. It will be useful and helpful. It can also point to other books that you could buy in the future. Here in SpellCloth, we have the right book for you! Check out our grimoire for beginners, The Empowered Witch.

7. Several divination methods

divination for baby witches

Crystal balls, pendulums, ethically sourced bones, tarot cards, runes… All of them are tools for divination methods. As you know by now, we discourage you from buying anything in excess. If you are a beginner, avoid purchasing many divination methods. Instead of having a tarot deck, a crystal ball, and a pendulum, choose only one method. For example, buy a pendulum and start learning about it. Take your time with it. After months of study, or when you have already mastered the pendulum, you can buy another divination tool of your choice. 

We have discussed some stuff that’s not worth your money if you are a baby witch. All in all, our advice is that you should always avoid buying things in excess. Before making any purchase, try to get information on the product. Remember that witchcraft has to do with intention and not necessarily with certain objects. 

Welcome to our community, dear baby witch!

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