12 Non-Toxic Herbs for Witchcraft Beginners

witchcraft herbs and spices

Since the beginning of time, herbs and spices have been commonly used in witchcraft and other spiritual practices. If you’re new to these practices, you might find yourself wondering which herbs to use and how to use them. In this article, we will deal with several plants and spices that every beginner should have. You can work with fresh or dried herbs, or you can try growing them in your garden. In our list of herbs for beginners, we have included those that are easy to get. You might even have some in your house already! (plus it's a great way to practice for those who are still in the broom closet).


salt used in witchcraft

Yes, salt isn’t an herb, a plant, or a spice. It is a mineral. However, we wanted to include it anyway because it’s definitely a must-have. Any type of salt can be used in witchcraft. It provides protection and it has strong cleansing properties. For protection, you can carry some salt with you or put salt in every room in your house. You can also use salt to cleanse crystals and to perform many cleansing spells.


basil used in abundance spells

Besides being a delicious food seasoning, Basil is a powerful herb. It is associated with wealth, protection, and cleansing. You can place it in the corners of your house for prosperity. Burning Basil cleanses your house of bad energies. Similarly, putting some over your door wards your home against ill intent. Use Basil in attraction spells, protection spells, and purifying spells. It can also be used in spells related to dream work.


bay leaves used for divination

While they are commonly used in cooking, Bay leaves have a lot of magical properties. This herb provides protection. You can burn Bay leaves and place the ashes by your door to get rid of negative energy. As Bay leaves are useful for manifesting, it’s a good idea to write your manifestations on a leaf and then burn it. You can also carry one Bay leaf with you for protection. Besides, this herb is great for attracting wealth. If you are a business owner, you might want to place a Bay leaf in the cash register. Bay leaves can also be used to strengthen your psychic powers. When it comes to its medicinal use, Bay leaf tea is great for indigestion and migraines.


rosemary for focus

Rosemary is as delicious as it is powerful. It helps with memory and focus. It is a good idea to keep some Rosemary with you when you are studying or sitting for an exam. Also, it has strong protection properties, so keeping Rosemary near your door can keep harmful energies out of your home. The medicinal uses of this herb are many, as it has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Finally, Rosemary can help you cleanse and purify. Use it in purification and protection spells. 


thyme for abundance spells

Thyme is used for attracting prosperity, so include it in your abundance spells. If you want to grow Thyme in your garden, plant it on a waxing moon and place coins at its roots. Another use of Thyme is to attract courage. If there’s an upcoming situation for which you need to be brave, bathe in water and Thyme. This herb is also great for grief, so Thyme tea can give you strength during a difficult mourning period.

You can also honor those who have passed by placing Thyme in their funeral bouquet –if suitable— or including it in your altar. Be sure to include it in spells to leave your past behind and move on. Although Thyme is never toxic to humans, the Spanish Thyme variety can be toxic to animals. Keep your furry friends and family away from this herb!


mint for prosperity spells

Whether fresh or dried, this herb is another must-have. It brings about prosperity and abundance. Mint also brings luck, so carry it with you for good luck and protection. It is also a great herb to promote healing. Mint tea can relieve stomach ache and headaches. If you do a spell to promote healing, include Mint. 


valerian root for witchcraft

This herb has tons of magical and medicinal properties. Valerian root is a powerful herb for protection, so carrying it with you can be a good idea. Besides, this herb can help you process feelings of guilt and achieve self-love and acceptance. Be sure to include Valerian root in your self-love spells. It is also great for relieving anxiety, stress, and insomnia. A soothing Valerian root tea will do the trick. If you also include Chamomile, Lavender, or Passiflora, the beverage will be even more powerful. 


lavender for sleep

Lavender is a favorite herb among beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Its many properties are well documented. Lavender can be used as a medicinal herb to soothe a stressed mind. It helps you with relaxation, sleep, and meditation. You can consume Lavender tea to obtain some of these properties.

For insomnia, you can place Lavender under your pillow. One practice we recommend is spreading Lavender around your home to promote peace and harmony. This plant is also powerful for protection, so you can take a bath with Lavender to clean yourself of bad energies. It is also a good idea to take some Lavender with you when traveling. Include this herb in your love spells, fertility spells, attraction spells, and healing spells. While Lavender is completely safe for human consumption, please note that it is toxic to cats. 


rose for beauty spells

Another must-have plant is Rose, whether you grow it or buy it dried. This plant is very powerful in love spells, healing spells, and protection spells. It also attracts good luck, so carry some with you. What’s interesting about the Rose is that every part of the plant can be used in spells. Rose petals are great for self-love and beauty spell jars, but Rose leaves are amazing for protection spells. In addition, the stems and thorns can be used for both protection and hexes and curses. When used as medicine, Roses can provide relief for anxiety and several types of pain.


chamomile for witchcraft spells

Chamomile has a lot of magical and medicinal properties as well. It is related to prosperity, luck, protection, and love. You can sprinkle Chamomile around your home to remove any curses or hexes. You can also use this herb in prosperity spells. If you need an extra bit of luck with gambling or card playing, wash your hands with Chamomile before. Its scent can help you meditate. It can also help you with getting a good night’s sleep if you place it under your pillow. To attract love, you may want to bathe in a tub with Chamomile. Its medicinal properties are also amazing, as it can help with digestion, pain relief, and the symptoms of the common cold.


cinnamon for protection spells

Cinnamon is a spice that is known for its many uses. It provides abundance, power, and success, so include it in prosperity spells. Keeping a stick in your wallet is also a great idea. Cinnamon can also protect you from ill energies, so keep it above your front door. Cinnamon is also used in love spells and self-love spells. In addition, this spice can stimulate psychic abilities.


cloves for protection spells

Cloves have many spiritual properties. They drive away hostile energies, so they are great for protection spells. In fact, they can break hexes that other people have put on you. If you burn cloves, you can protect yourself from the evil eye. They also attract abundance. Cloves are also used in love spells, including self-love. Carry three cloves with you to attract confidence and avoid destructive thoughts and behaviors. 

Every craft is different, and every person chooses the herbs and spices that suit them the most. These are only some of the many herbs and spices that are essential for a beginner practitioner. Given that they are non-toxic herbs, you can experiment with them freely until you get the results you are looking for. 

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Which herbs and spices are YOUR favorite for working with?


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