Baby Witch Tip: Witchy Stuff That’s Worth The Money

baby witch stuff thats worth the money

We recently posted an article titled:  7 Things a Baby Witch Shouldn't Spend Money On. So what about things that ARE worth the money? Let me highlight the worth the money part. Some of them are not really necessary, but you will get good value for your money if you do decide to get them. 

Witchcraft is a practice that does not rely on many tools. There are some helpful objects that can help you channel Divine energy into the earthly world. However, even if you do need some items for your practice, it doesn’t mean you need to spend lots of money on them. I promise to keep this post accessible for all kinds of budgets. Now, let's dive into what are the things that would help in your practice.

book of shadows witchcraft

Book of Shadows

My first tip would be to invest in building your knowledge. A Book of Shadows is where you write the details of the journey of your path as it unfolds. It’s more like a journal for your knowledge, and it’s as personal as your practice.

A Book of Shadows doesn’t have to be an ancient, expensive book. Any notebook with a design that appeals to you would do, or even a plain composition notebook if you like it. The Book of Shadows is for you to write down the things you learn, yet it must be used only for that. 

The same applies for the writing tool you use, it should only be given this purpose. I wouldn't say you should buy a new pen if you have several in your house. However, once you start using one for your Book of Shadows, don’t make use of it for anything else. It is a good idea to cleanse and bless these tools before you start to use them. 

Back to the Book of Shadows. As it is a main tool for any witch, you should consider it a wise investment. There are many small businesses where you can find handcrafted bullet journals. You can support your local store and get one from there as well.

incense burner for witchcraft

Incense burner

Maybe you can’t think why you would need an incense burner, but trust me on this one. This will quickly become an essential tool in your daily practice. It took me a while to invest in one, and once I did it was a game changer. It is much better than a plate, and it’s definitely better than burning your fingertips. 

This item is easy to manipulate and really practical. Plus, this makes the cleansing of your space, tools, and even yourself much more pleasant.

There are a variety of options on the market, from material to size. You would have to choose the one that best fits your needs —and budget. If you’re already used to purchasing herbs and incense from a metaphysical store, they will likely have incense burners as well.

wood chest for witchcraft


You will eventually end up with many witchcraft items, so a place to store them can be really handy. Your closet might be a temporary solution, but it’s better to get yourself something like a chest. There are many delicate tools which can be damaged from environmental exposure —dust, sunlight, humidity— or constant handling. So a chest is not only practical for storage, but it can help you save money in the long run. If you have somewhere safe to store your tools, you won’t spend money replenishing damaged items.

You shouldn’t try to save when it comes to finding a place to keep your things safe. However, there are many cheap options for chests. You can buy any wood box from your nearest hobby store and then paint a nice design on it. If you have a really tight budget, a cardboard box is a better choice than packing everything in your closet.

Worshiping material

These items are not just for advanced witches. As a baby witch, you can start worshiping any diety you want —after some proper research—. Remember that simply worshiping a Deity is harmless, the real work begins when you start to make requests. 

I would recommend you get something for the entity you have been working with. It is okay for you to craft something for them, yet it’s recommended to find a way to express how much you value them.

It is not necessary to get them much if you’re just starting out. Remember that offerings are gifts, you wouldn’t spend much money on a stranger. This can cause the stranger to mistrust you. So don’t go big until you have already worked on your relationship with them. Here are some ideas on what you can buy at first:

effigy for witchcraft


You can buy or create an effigy of the deity you’d like to work with. It doesn’t need to be a gigantic statue, you can start with a print of that entity. However, as time goes by, your relationship with them will grow. Eventually you will need to express some gratitude to them. You can frame your print, or buy a small statue of them. You can even get some clay and make your own, but you need to show how devoted you are to them, so something you do carelessly and quickly won't do. You will find that there are some differences on what and how to give offerings to your deities. So it is a must for you to do some research beforehand.

candles for witchcraft


I’d say this is the best choice if you have a shoestring budget. You can get a simple white candle. Then, you can dress them with essential oils or carve them with symbols of the deity you are working with. You can also invest in a pillar colored candle dressed in herbs to raise your prayers or connect with your deity.

(PS if you’re looking for a candle set, you can find ours linked here)

amulet for witchcraft


Back to daily use items for witches. Amulets can have many purposes, mostly used for protection. When you are starting out, it is important to use something as an amulet. This is symbolic, especially if you’re a beginner. 

It’s okay to have amulets from your ancestors. However, it’s advised to get one just for yourself. Remember, this is YOUR journey, not your ancestors. You should get an amulet to symbolize that you are walking YOUR own path. What can work as an amulet? The limit is your imagination. You can even make your own jewelry. Provided it is cleansed and the materials are somewhat durable, this is a great route to go if you do not have much disposable income. You can also find something at your local thrift store. It doesn’t really matter how much you spend, and it is not even necessary to spend anything. However, it is a proper way to show devotion to your practice.  

An amulet works like a promise you make to yourself. Once you get or make it and bless it, you commit to what you’re doing. Whichever item you choose to take as an amulet, it is important to feel attached to it. This amulet would not just guide you. It will also protect you at the beginning of your journey.

What's Next

At this point, you should be covered for what you’d need for the first steps of your practice. It’s time for you to explore and make your own decisions. All of the items listed above are just some ideas, it is up to you to think which is the item you need the most right now. 

Always give ample thought to what to spend your money on. It’s not only about being financially smart, where you spend your hard-earned money also leaves an energetic imprint. Deciding where to invest is also part of your practice. This would make any purchase more significant, no matter how much money you are spending.

I hope this post enlightened some doubts you had. Do you plan to shop for tools soon? What are you planning on getting for your practice? Share your list with others in the comments!

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