3 Banishing Spells for Mild, Moderate, and Extreme Negative Energy

banishing spells to remove negative energy

Banishing is getting rid of energy that's unwanted from a place, object, animal, or person. It is different from cleansing in that it goes one step further. Cleansing is passive, while banishing requires active processes in which you ask for the help of the Divine to get rid of an energetic parasite.

It's different from protection tactics such as shielding in that shielding will block all energies, including benevolent ones. Banishing only gets rid of the energy you don't want around. Banishing can be as easy as saying a prayer and lighting a candle for your Deities and/or Ancestors. In his book Protection & Reversal Magick: A Witch's Defense Manual, Jason Miller talks about banishing as one of the three pillars of energy protection, alongside meditation and offerings. He recommends doing routine banishings, as often as once a week. The first spell is apt for ritual banishings. 

Spell #1: Routine Banishing

This spell will get rid of mild to moderate negative energies.

Basic Banishing Recipe:

  • Black candle
  • Cedar essential oil
  • Matches
  • Garlic cloves
  • Juniper
  • Optionally, a mortar
  • A candle holder
  • A small trash bag

Basic Banishing Instructions:

  1. Cleanse your black candle by exposing it to running water from the tap. If you want to do a more thorough cleansing, you can fill up a large container with water and put in three drops of Lemon or Lavender essential oil. Then quickly soak the candle in it, taking care not to get the wick wet.
  1. Pat the candle with a paper towel from the bottom to the top until it is dry.
  1. Concentrate on the intention, inhale, and exhale on the candle so it gets to know your energy.
  1. Then, grab some Cedar essential oil and put some on your fingers. Anoint the candle by dispersing the oil with your fingers from the bottom to the top. Remember that with candle magick, we use the motion from bottom to top to get rid of something and the motion from top to bottom to attract something. In this case, banishing is about getting rid of something.
  1. Now, the next steps depend on whether you prefer to dress the candle itself or, if you're like me, you prefer to put the herbs on the candle holder for fire safety reasons.
  1. If you prefer to dress the candle, grab a glass, porcelain or clay plate. Crush some of the Garlic in your Mortar and add a small amount to the plate. Add the Juniper too, always in small amounts because of fire safety. Now, roll the candle on the plate. Because of the oil, the herbs will stick to it. You don't need a large amount on the candle. Then, burn the bottom of the candle so it will stick to the candle holder. I would still put some Garlic cloves close to the candle holder or on the candle holder itself.
  1. If you'd rather skip the dressing of the candle, you don't need to crush the Garlic. Place some Juniper and Garlic cloves on your candle holder and burn the bottom of the candle so it sticks to it.
  1. Light another match and light the candle.
  1. Snap your fingers three times to activate the spell. If you have a ceremonial bell or a Tibetan bowl, you can use those instead to activate the spell.
  1. Once the candle burns down, put the wax residue in a trash bag and dispose of it far away from your house. I don't recommend burying it because some candles are made of materials that are not biodegradable.
  1. Now, do something to attract positive energy, like burning incense (Sandalwood is a great choice) or putting a floral scented essential oil in your diffuser. Even playing high-vibrational music works.
  1. You can compost or throw away the herbs but keep some of the Garlic cloves you used just in case.

Spell #2: A spray to get rid of nasty energies

This will get rid of nastier, more dangerous energies. The spray itself is based on some of the basics of banishing. The process of making it takes a few days and it will last a few years, so it's worth making it just in case you'll need it.

Banishing Spray Recipe:

  • Dragon's Blood Resin
  • Cloves
  • Corn whiskey, vodka, or Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Labradorite crystal water
  • A small container to hold your crystal and keep it dry
  • A large glass container such as a bowl or Pyrex tray
  • Some plastic wrap
  • An amber bottle or a glass bottle
  • Dark Moon water
  • A spray bottle (preferably glass but you can use plastic if you remove labels and cleanse and purify thoroughly)
  • Optionally, Lilac essential oil

Banishing Spray Instructions:

  1. First, we'll make the Labradorite crystal water. As this spray has Dark Moon water as a base, we'll make Labradorite crystal water with the Full Moon of that same lunar cycle.
  1. On the day of the Full Moon, place your cleansed and charged Labradorite in the small container and place it inside the large glass container. Measure the amount of water that fills your spray bottle and place it inside the larger container. Be sure to keep your crystal dry as water can damage it.
  1. Cover the large container with plastic wrap and leave it out during the Full Moon. Don't let sunlight shine on it.
  1. Once it's done, take off the plastic wrap and remove the crystal and small container. Carefully pour the water from the large glass inside your spray bottle.
  1. Put the lid on the spray bottle and grab a hardcover book. Then, gently but firmly hit the bottle against the book in a rhythmic pattern to activate it with sound. Store in a dry, dark place, such as a cabinet.
  1. Then, wait until the next Dark Moon and leave out a glass container with water in it and a lid on. Don't mix with sunlight.
  1. Now, mix one part of crystal water with three parts of Dark Moon Water.
  1. Then, add two parts chosen preservative (corn whiskey, vodka or Apple Cider Vinegar) to one part of your water mixture. Shake it or mix it and set it aside.
  1. Once mixed, add the Dragon's Blood Resin and cloves inside your spray bottle in whatever amount you feel is best.
  1. Optionally, you can add three drops of Lilac essential oil.
  1. Then, pour your activated water and alcohol mix until you fill up the spray bottle. Put the lid on and seal it tightly.
  1. Grab a hardback book and gently but firmly hit the spray bottle against the book following a rhythmic pattern. Store in a dark, dry place.
  1. Whenever you need to, go around your house and spray it. Pay special attention to the corners and other dark spots where the energy feels funny. You can also use it as an auric spray. 

Spell #3: Return to Sender

Try this spell if you suspect a bad luck spell or some funky energy was sent to you. This could be the result of something that another practitioner or  non-magical person sent you.

Return to Sender Spell Ingredients:

  • A white envelope
  • A white piece of paper
  • A red or black pen
  • Red string or some red yarn
  • Cloves
  • A fire-safe dish
  • Matches
  • Glue
  • A bag or jar to carry the ashes outside of your house

Return to Sender Spell Instructions:

  1. Grab a pen and piece of paper and write “I, (Full Name), return all negative energy that may have been sent my way, either consciously or unconsciously, to its original sender, whoever it may be. So mote it be.”
  1. Fold the piece of paper away from you and put it inside the envelope alongside some cloves. Seal with some glue. You can also seal it with some wax from a candle you lit for one of your Deities or your Ancestors if you so wish. Avoid licking the envelope.
  1. Take the red string or yarn and tie it up around the letter.
  1. Now, put the letter in the fire-safe dish and burn it. Once it​​ completely turns to ashes, take the ashes and put them in an envelope or jar.
  1. Dispose of them far away from your house. If you used an envelope to carry the ashes outside, throw it away in a garbage bin that is away from your house. If you use a jar, you may reuse it, but cleanse and purify it first.

These three banishing spells should help clear up the negative energy in your life and keep your protected.

We want to hear from you too! Have you ever tried to banish something? What? How did it go?


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