What Kind Of Witch Am I?: A Guide For Beginner Witches To Find Their Path

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If you are just starting your witchcraft path, it’s completely normal to feel in the dark about what practices exist and which of them resonate with you. You may feel overwhelmed or feel that you identify with a specific kind of magic but you are not ready to fully commit to it. The truth is that there are countless kinds of witches and choosing just one path might feel challenging.

If you are struggling to find your path, a good starting point is to think of it as your witchy identity, as a way of living or experiencing your power. 

Ask yourself: what rituals or practices do you feel most drawn to? What elements do you rely on for your rituals? What inspires you to practice? The answers to these questions may narrow down the options for you, but there are a few other things you may want to consider before committing.

First of all, be mindful: take into account that certain practices are enclosed in specific cultural, ethnic or religious backgrounds and, as such, they should be honored and respected. Some examples are voodoo or candomblé: they are not meant to be practiced outside the cultural community that they are associated with. Before stepping into a new practice, do your research and make sure it is not a closed practice, that is, that you don’t need to be either initiated or born into it.

Also, remember that you can choose between being a solitary practitioner or a coven witch, as well as a Pagan witch or a secular crafter whose practices are framed in a religious environment. Finding your way through belief systems and types of practice can take time and patience. Be sure to make an informed decision and to choose what feels the best for you.

There are many paths you can choose from based on the elements that you use for your rituals and how you experience witchcraft. The cool part is that you can learn most of them by yourself.

Kitchen Witch

Rosemary, basil, thyme… If cooking is your love language and you feel grounded the moment you step into your kitchen, you could be a kitchen witch. There are many ways to work your magic into your dishes: from stirring your tea with intention to cooking with specific herbs and ingredients to obtain a desired effect. 

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The best part is that all the elements you need are already in your kitchen. This is a sweet way of bringing magic to everyday life; make sure you select your ingredients and set up your space with love and dedication: in no time you will be cooking meals full of magic. 

Hearth Witch

Along the same line, if you love to protect your home with amulets or use your housework time to meditate while you clean, maybe you are a hearth witch. You can prepare natural cleaning products and set up an altar in the corner where you spend the most time. Flood your living-room with herbal scents to make your guests feel content. This path is perfect for anyone who loves spending time at home and enjoys household tasks. This path is the sweet spot between being a homemaker and a magic maker.

Green Witch

If, instead, you feel drawn towards nature and love to be surrounded by it, there are many ways in which you can include natural elements in your craft and become a green witch. Green witchcraft is practiced with plants, herbs, flowers and wood. Once you are on this path, you connect with the spirits of nature and embrace their power. 

green witch with leaf

But what if you live in a city? Well, you might find it hard to connect with nature in an urban environment, but you can visit parks or work in your garden, with the occasional visit to a small countryside town. You can also fill your house with plants and crystals, and even grow your own herbs to feel closer to nature.

Blue Witch

However, you may spiritually connect with nature in different ways. For example, if you live close to a body of water and you dedicate time to cleaning around the shore, or if you feel empathy with its pain for polluted waters, you may gravitate towards water magic, that is, be a blue witch. 

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Try meditating around a river or lake and feel its energy. You can even move on to bringing it some offerings and asking it for permission to take some of the water with you. You can use it in your rituals and spells: they don’t need to be complicated, start with baths or even keep it around when manifesting. If you feel that having it around boosts your power, you may have found your path.

Divination Witch

But, sometimes, our craft path does not start at home or with nature: it starts when we find a beautiful tarot deck or astrology book, and that’s completely fine: maybe you are a divination witch. With a good share of meditation, practice and patience, you can start a conversation with the Divine. Sounds fun! And it is, but takes a lot of discipline and studying. Also, It is important that you know the limits of divination and work within them. For more information on this, you can refer to our previous blog post How Do I Know If Being a Divination Witch is the Right Path for Me?

divination witch practicing tarot

Urban Witch

Although some practices can be tied to specific locations, living in the city can be advantageous if you identify as an urban witch. Power can be found in every element because everything carries energy. 

You can go big and work with the energy of masses, cars, and streetlights, or keep it small and just start your day with a cup of intentioned coffee. Spice up your drinks with a dash manifestation and use your lunch break to connect with your guides at the park while you let the sun cleanse the quartz you usually keep in your pocket. Being a witch is not always about big rituals and focuses instead on mundane, quick, and short spells and practices.

urban witch with candle

Eclectic Witch

There are many other kinds of crafters: cosmic, artist, tech, crystal, and so on. If you don’t feel comfortable with just one path, you can always adopt an eclectic witch style. Being an eclectic witch means you can pick and choose different kinds of practices and beliefs. 

The choice is yours

Essentially, you do what feels right for you. Of course, it’s important to make sure you feel confident in your skills. Practicing without solid knowledge can and will result in some sticky situations. Just be sure to research and self-assess before trying something new.

All in all, remember that a label is just a label and you can tailor your labels to your practices and experiences. At the end of the day, labeling or not labeling your craft is your choice.

Ultimately, identifying and naming your practices is useful to find like-minded witches or researching on your own, but you don’t have to let names limit you. 

For example, a blue witch does not have to be constantly dipping their toes in water, just as a kitchen witch does not need to be a professional chef. Also, keep in mind that your path is not written in stone and what serves you today may not do so tomorrow. If you find out that the path you initially chose is not for you, switch it up, experiment until you find yourself. Later on in your journey, you can even mix and match practices, experiment intuitively and, most importantly, enjoy your craft.

Let us know in the comments if you have already decided what kind of witch you are or if you prefer to keep your practice unlabeled!

Italian Folk Magic Rues Kitchen Witchery, by Mary-Grace Fahrun


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