9 Tips for Witches in the Broom Closet

tips for witches in the broom closet

Being in the Broom Closet means that you can't practice witchcraft openly. This might be because you may live with parents, guardians, or relatives that would disapprove of witchcraft. Or, you have roommates that would judge you for it. As a witch, you should always prioritize your safety, access to housing, food, and education. Don't feel bad for having to hide your practice. It won't always be this way. You're not any less of a witch for having to keep your practice under wraps if it means not being without one of your priorities.

A lot of these tips also apply for out and proud witches who may be traveling and away from their Altar and tools. They also apply to witches who want easy tips on how to integrate witchcraft into their daily routine. 

1. An Altar in a Box

small wood box for witchcraft travel altar

If you're in the Broom Closet, having a conspicuous Altar may seem like a luxury you can't afford. But that doesn't mean that you can't have an Altar at all. You can make one inside a box. A shoebox will do until you can get a wooden box. Inside, you can keep some cloth to use for spells. Cloth has the added benefit that it keeps everything spiritually insulated. You can also keep some crystals and herbs that you like, especially those you're currently working with. You can print pictures of things that mean something to you and place them inside your box. These can be shapes from Sacred Geometry or pictures of your Deities or Ancestors. Perhaps burning candles is not an option, but having a spray is. One powerful example of a magical spray is a banishing spray (this one is a little advanced, but it’s a great example.).  If your family/roommates aren’t nosy, you can simply place these items in a box in your room and keep the lid closed. If you'd rather they didn't know the box existed at all, you can always stick it in a closet or drawer when you're not using it. Just make sure to keep the place you store it in clean and purified.

2. Embrace Visualization

Visualization can be done without uttering a word or leaving a trace. You can use visualization to cleanse and purify or to charge something with intention. If you need to cleanse your crystal in a non-conspicuous way, you can always hold it in your hands and imagine a purple light surrounding it. Purple is the color of transmutation. Nothing is ever the same as it was before after it has been surrounded by purple. If someone you know is sick, you can always imagine them surrounded in green. Green is the color of healing. You can also visualize someone in green when you want them to tell the truth. Visualize someone being surrounded in white when you want it to be full of high-vibrational energy. Visualize something or someone surrounded in pink if you need to sweeten them. Visualize yourself in red when you're low on energy.

Visualization is great for people who are in the Broom Closet because no one needs to know you're doing it. It's as quiet as it gets and you don't need any tools to do it, so it leaves no trace behind.

3. Prayer is Your Best Friend

witch praying to their ancestors

Prayer is not as quiet as visualization but it's still great for witches in the Broom Closet. You can use the traditional prayers that other members in your household like. They're not that different from manifesting or verbalizing your intentions during spellwork. If you'd rather say prayers that are not related to organized religion, muttering them under your breath is fine. Praying is a great way to work with Deities without having an Altar. This is great for both when you travel or when you need to practice on the quiet.

4. Sacred Images under Posters

The idea behind this is to hide sacred images under more mainstream images that you still like. Get yourself a poster. It has to be a poster you like, like a poster of a band you listen to often or a print of an art piece you love. On the back of the poster, you can draw a Pentacle, the Algiz rune, or any other protective sigils or symbols. Use a black, blue, or red marker. If you want to attract wealth or love, you can have different posters dedicated to different intentions (one with the Fehu rune for wealth, and so on). You can put up the posters in a way that's easy to remove and put back, such as with pins or painter’s tape. Under the poster, you can hide pictures of a Deity and remove the poster when no one's home to pray in front of the image.  

5. Draw Protective Symbols with Lotion or Sunscreen

glowing runes for witchcraft

You can integrate witchcraft into your morning routine in a way that's hard to see. Draw the Algiz rune and other symbols of protection on your face and body using lotion, foundation, or sunscreen. You can spread the lotion later, the powerful act of drawing it is enough.

6. Bless Your Drinks

Blessing the liquids that go into your body is a powerful act. Your body and your aura will incorporate the blessing. Place your hands over your drink, whatever it is (even alcohol can hold onto magic) and focus on your intention. If you can, mutter a prayer to your preferred Deity, but it's not strictly necessary.

If you can stir the drink because you want to put some sweetener on it with a spoon or it has a straw you can use to stir it, take advantage of this. Stir it counter-clockwise to dispel or get rid of something. For example, if you're blessing a cup of tea so it cleanses you of any negative energy. On the other hand, stir clockwise to attract something (stirring a smoothie to attract love).

7. Work with Ribbon

protection ribbon being used at front gate

Ribbon can be used for healing and protection, and it's not an item usually associated with witchcraft. First, cleanse the ribbon using visualization. Then, expose it to either sunlight or moonlight depending on your intention (the moon is better for protection and the sun is better for healing). Then, hold it in your hands and concentrate on your intention. If you can, pray to your Ancestors or a Deity you work with.

Tie it around your head to heal a headache, around your stomach to calm your digestive system, and so on. For protection, carry it with you. Using it as a headband is a great idea, as you absorb the energies around you through the top of your head.

If you happen to be in a Catholic household, you can work with the Saints. Use a piece of green ribbon dedicated to Archangel Raphael for healing. Blue or red ribbon can be used for Saint Michael, and you can have red ribbon dedicated to Saint Brigitte. Brigid, the Celtic Deity related to creativity, the anvil, and healing, became Saint Brigitte. Your Catholic parents may allow devotions to this Saint.

8. Candle Magic Hidden in Plain Sight

There's no rule against using scented candles for spells. Just make sure to cleanse them with some tap water and remove any labels. Using color correspondences according to your intent will also help you. Then, go about your spell as usual. If someone asks, you just lit a scented candle because it smells nice.

9. Explore Kitchen Witchcraft

witch cooking in cauldron

Every time you cook something, you're doing a spell. When you become aware of this and start to use herbs and ingredients that correspond to your intention, you can power up your food. Something as simple as an Almond milk latte with some Cinnamon can become a powerful potion to attract wealth and abundance. You can bake something to attract a romantic relationship. You can make a casserole for success. To the eyes of outsiders, you're just… cooking.

In short, there are many ways in which you can have a meaningful witchcraft practice without anyone in your household suspecting a thing. What's your favorite tip? What else would you recommend to other Broom Closet witches? Tell us in the comments!


  • Raven Moon

    This is a great informative article. Thank you! I did not know about visualization casting/cleansing. Well written and great helps!

  • Raven Moon

    This is a great informative article. Thank you! I did not know about visualization casting/cleansing. Well written and great helps!

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