5 Witchy Gifts for Divination Witches

witchy gifts for divination witches

We all love to get nice things, especially when we’re just starting a new activity. In regards to Divination you can get some pretty useful accessories, whether for yourself or a witchy friend. In this post you’ll find some witchy gift ideas on the best items you can easily find. In fact, you can even craft most of them!

First, let me remind you that there’s no need to get too many things for your practice. With that said, there’s nothing wrong with getting some nice witchy accessories. Plus, you can have some fun building your own aesthetic or just getting crafty with it. There are many useful tools in witchcraft beyond wands, chalices, cauldrons, etc.

Divination is basically a practice in which the practitioner functions as a channel to some divine information. There are many different ways and tools you can use to help you with that channeling: Some of them are Tarot cards, Runes, Pendulum, etc. However, what else would ease your Divination practice? Just because it gets its foundation on intuition, it doesn’t mean there aren’t nice tools to get. Here are some simple items to get as a gift for yourself or a witchy friend.

Altar Cloth

altar cloth for witch

Altar cloths are very practical when it comes to practicing Divination. Would you use your Oracle cards over a sticky or dusty surface? Me neither. But, even if we get rid of all the mess on the table, there might be some residual energy left over. Sometimes we can’t get the chance to cleanse our space or fully remove unwanted energy. That’s when an altar cloth comes to save the day. I usually pull it out of my bag and place it over where I am going to perform my Divination ritual. This can also help to put you into the right frame of mind. When performing divination, it can be helpful to go through the same rituals each time to connect to the divinity and align yourself with the answers it will prevent. Almost like warming up before a race.

For making an Altar Cloth you’d just need a piece of fabric, needle and some thread. You can also find them in many stores. They’re not really expensive and you can find many patterns for your cloth. You can also get one with nice designs over it.

Divination Charts

divination witches

Divination charts are always handy when you need to set specific spaces or movements. The most common one is the pendulum chart. This can be as simple as a cross which has four possible answers depending on the pendulum’s movement. In runes there are some spreads which involve reading them according to where they fall. And for astrological readings it’s nice to have an Astrological Chart template. 

The good part is that you can print charts on a piece of paper or just draw them yourself whenever you need to use one. If you’re looking for something with a bit more of an enhanced aesthetic, there are charts and templates sold online made of resin, engraved wood, or other beautiful materials. If you’re not sure about which one to choose, you could get a set of posters with many chart designs on it.

Traveling Divination Box

witchcraft box for tools

A beautiful witchy box is pretty useful to store your divination and other witchcraft tools in. They’re nice to protect your tools from getting ruined by daylight, humidity or any other kind of damage from environmental exposure. You can find boxes made from many materials such as wood, plastic, cardboard, etc. I would recommend you get a wood one as they’re safe for the environment and guilt-free. You can find a ton of different designs on boxes, from painted colorful ones to more rustic engraved ones. If you choose the right one, you can match your altar aesthetic. Whether it is softcore, punk, cottagecore or any other, you’ll find a matching box. On top of that, if you’re someone who travels a lot, then a box is really helpful to take your divination tools in your luggage. You can make your own traveling witchcraft box, but you’d need some special tools and materials.

If you know someone who practices Dice Divination, then a nice dice cup is also a good alternative.

Witchy Bags

witchy bag

There’s one slight problem with boxes. They’re not so comfortable for carrying daily items because they’re a bit too big and bulky. If you’re someone that always wants your tool at hand, maybe bags are a better choice. They’re useful to take your Divination set wherever you need. Of course, you can always find a bag that will match your style, since there’s a limitless variety of patterns, fabrics, and materials.

They’re also easy to craft since you just need a piece of cloth, needles and thread. Or, you can even crochet one. I'm trying to make one myself, even though I’m only a beginner at crocheting.

Crystals and Jewelry

witchcraft crystals for divination

Crystals are good for charging with intention and energy to help aid you in your divination practices. You can wear jewelry when performing a reading to help facilitate the intention that you set. Something like a ring or necklace can help you channel the information you receive. Or you place some crystals among your tools to charge them with divine energy. Remember that charging your Divination tools is as important as cleansing them. There are plenty of stones used for Divination, but here’s a list with the ones I recommend.

Amethyst: This stone is well known in Divination as it helps connect with your inner self. The best way to use it is as a necklace when making a reading.

Fluorite: This stone is related to the Third Eye. The third eye chakra allows us to connect with our intuition. Fluorite can help you ease that connection. I’d recommend using it as jewelry.

Moonstone: Due to its connection to the Moon, this crystal helps to decode some cryptic messages. Moonstone is a great choice to place on your altar, aside from your divination tool of choice. 

Obsidian: Many crystal balls are made out of obsidian as it allows you to unveil some truth that might be hidden. This is the best stone for you to have always in your bag.

Why would you need any of this?

Actually, you don’t need many things to practice witchcraft. But it’s ok to treat yourself with nice items from time to time. Your practice should be a reflection on how you treat your sacred self. There are many stores where you can find some of these things that would help you with your practice. And, as I said, some of these items can be an entertaining DIY project. In regards to crafting, use that time to connect with your inner self. That’s always good exercise for Divination witches.

Divination is more about interacting with the energies than memorizing facts. Don’t forget to keep practicing - this will help you interact with your tools and become an expert. If you have neglected this part of your practice, don’t worry, it’s possible that all you need is some inspiration. I hope you have found some inspiration to connect with Divination as you read this post. Now you have plenty of ideas on what to do next with your coven or witchy friend.

If you were looking for a sign to pull a card from your Tarot deck, this is it. Now go grab your Rune set, hold still your pendulum and let’s unveil some secrets. See you soon.

Do you practice any kind of Divination magic? Which is the oracle you work with? Tell us in the comment about your experience with it.

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