Dice Divination: A Witchy Intro

dice divination for witches

Wondering how that self-love spell jar went? Roll the dice! Dice aren’t just used for gambling and board games, they can also be used for Divination. Of course, as all Divination methods, they require some special care and they are not to be treated lightly. Read on to find out how to integrate dice divination into your practice (and why).

Possible uses for Dice Divination

As an object with many faces, each face featuring a number (though this isn't the case all the time), dice hold a lot of potential for magic. Almost (if not all) dice follow geometric shapes as well. The most common presentation is the cube. The cube, in magic, represents the material, so dice can be used to manifest. However, you can also get dice in the shape of a dodecahedron, for example. This geometric shape in magic has correspondences with Spirit or the Fifth Element.

However, how do you know if dice are a good addition to your personal magic practice? If you feel drawn to them, there's a good reason for it. The Divine won't reveal it to you until you get a set and start using them magically. However, if you're more of a rational witch, here are a few ways in which dice can be used in your practice, especially for Divination

deity divination

1. Getting in touch with a Deity

Deities may like a particular set of dice for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they're drawn to its material. Celtic culture, for example, placed a high value on iron. Therefore, a set of iron dice will be very attractive for the Celtic Pantheon. You may have gotten a set in a color combination they like. They may like the symbols on it, if the dice doesn't happen to feature numbers, or the typography of the numbers. Whatever the reason, they'll let you know they like them. Some may even go as far as claim them as theirs the minute they see them. This is an indicator they respond well to this method of Divination.

Do you practice ancestral veneration? Try communicating with them through the set of dice in that ancient board game your grandpa has stored in his garage somewhere. They still hold memories of the people who held them.


2. They are great to know how effective a spell was

If you play Dungeons & Dragons, well, real-life magic doesn't have to be that different. Perform a banishing spell and… roll the dice to see how effective it was. Simple as that. As long as you take proper care of the dice and learn to work with them, they will be an effective indicator on whether a spell worked or not. This practice can, over time, help you know yourself better as a witch. You'll find out about your strengths and weaknesses when spellcasting, and find out why your spells performed poorly. This can also save you a lot of time and suffering. Redoing a protection jar five minutes after you finished it is much better than finding out your spell was not effective because something bad happened to you.

3. They're useful for all types of witches

Dice are inconspicuous, small objects that can easily be carried inside a pocket or bra. Regular plastic dice in the shape of cubes won't be confiscated by the TSA. As they are not usually associated with witchcraft, they can be a great Divination method for those of you who are in the broom closet. They are also great for the digital nomads out there who practice witchcraft. If they are made of plastic, you can cleanse them in a couple of minutes. Hold them under running water and then tap the excess water off with a paper towel. Green witches may prefer more organic materials for their dice sets – there are some amazing wood dice sets out there which would be a perfect fit if this is you. Chaos magic practitioners may decide to get blank dice and draw sigils on them.

color dice for witchcraft

4. Take advantage of color correspondences

You can have different sets of dice for different types of questions. Color correspondences can help in this regard. You can use a black set of dice to ask about how effective your protection and banishing spells are. Another possible use for black dice is to inquire whether there is another practitioner who bears any ill-will towards you. You can use pink or red dice for love questions, purple for spiritual questions, and so on. 

Tips for Dice Divination

Here are a few tips on how to practice Dice Divination safely and accurately.

1. Treat the dice like the sacred tool they are

Ideally, you wouldn't use the same set of dice for both practicing Divination and playing Monopoly. Unless, of course, that particular game becomes a sort of spell. In that case, everyone should be aware of the intentions behind the game and give their explicit consent. Get a separate set for Divination. It doesn't have to be anything fancy at the beginning. You can also use the dice from a board game you won't be able to play because it's missing some key parts as well.


Keep the dice on your altar or safely stored elsewhere. If you can, store them in a cloth bag. With dice, you do want to cleanse them, but not necessarily banish whatever the dice are holding onto. Remember the dice in your grandpa's garage? What and who they remember can be useful, and we don't want to wipe those memories away. Use running water to cleanse them. If that is not possible because it would damage the material, you may have to turn to sound, incense, or visualization based cleansing. If they hold onto something useful, avoid certain more aggressive cleansing methods. These methods include exposing them to the smoke of cleansing herbs, leaving them in salt.

2. Determine what the numbers mean beforehand

Say you ask a Yes-No question (that's an excellent way to get started with dice divination) which set of numbers is yes and which set of numbers is no? Are you going to assign a number to maybe? For example, you may interpret 1, 2, and 3 as no, 4 as maybe, and 5 and 6 as yes – or exactly the other way around. If you are familiar with numerology, you may base your interpretation on the number that appears and what it means in this sacred language. You may also assign each number a possible outcome – the possibilities are endless. Just assign the meanings first, and then roll the dice.

blank dice for divination

3. Make your own dice for Divination

You can get 48 blank dice pieces for a little bit less than 10 dollars on Amazon and go bananas with them. If Amazon is not your vibe, you can always ask around in toy stores. Use some nail polish or paint to put a different rune in each face of the dice. Write the names of key people in your life. Write the names of Deities. Think about six more nuanced versions of yes, maybe, and no, and write them on the dice. This can be an exercise to unleash your creativity and be a little more playful with magic.

What do you think? Are you willing to give Dice Divination a try? Have you done it already? Tell us in the comments!

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